BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ambari-2.4-aarchFix Aarch buildGanesh Raju4 years
branch-2.4AMBARI-18923. Keytab settings in kerberos.json for SPARK are at the wrong pla...Attila Magyar4 years
masterAMBARI-24038 HDFS Metrics shows all blocks as 'Corrupt Replicas'. (ababiichuk)ababiichuk2 years
v2.5.2ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat2 years
v2.6.0ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat2 years
v2.6.1ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat2 years
v2.6.2ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat2 years
v2.7.0ambari: Add rpm supportNaresh Bhat2 years
v2.7.1ambari: Fix deb architecture issues for v2.7.1Naresh Bhat24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-06AMBARI-24038 HDFS Metrics shows all blocks as 'Corrupt Replicas'. (ababiichuk)HEADmasterababiichuk
2018-06-06AMBARI-24040. Infra Solr start/stop should be idempotent. (#1473)Olivér Szabó
2018-06-06AMBARI-24037 Alerts label isn't clickable at the service page after turning o...ababiichuk
2018-06-05[AMBARI-24041] AMS truncates metric response quietly. (#1474)avijayanhwx
2018-06-05[AMBARI-24022] AutoStart Is not working for some of the components in the clu...aonishuk
2018-06-05[AMBARI-24026] - Service deletion requests get queued up in Background Ops du...Jonathan Hurley
2018-06-05[AMBARI-24035] - Autostart is not obeying Maintenance Mode (#1465)kasakrisz
2018-06-05[AMBARI-23996] Changing column type from timestamp to long in users.create_ti...Sandor Molnar
2018-06-05AMBARI-24036. Config Group Names are converted to uppercase once selected on ...Aleksandr Kovalenko
2018-06-05[AMBARI-24018] Log Search component log url does not work on Ambari web UI (#...Istvan Tobias