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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-24Make sure we use vlan_ids, not tags, when adding new portsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Add port names to probe_switches() outputSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Don't catch all the exceptions for now - debugging...Steve McIntyre
2014-12-23More tweaks to auto_import_switch() after testing:Steve McIntyre
2014-12-23The detault VLAN will already exist, and will have a different nameSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23And return the probed dataSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Fix probe_switches()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-23Use the right variable name for switch_nameSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Make probe_switches() less verboseSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Call the new probe_switches() methodSteve McIntyre
2014-12-23Convert get_all_switches() into a new daemon query probe_switches()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-23s/enablepassword/enable_password/gSteve McIntyre
2014-12-22Fix up some pylint errors and warningsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-22Big raft of changes for util code:Steve McIntyre
2014-12-22Bugfix - default_vlan_id is part of state, not state.configSteve McIntyre
2014-12-22s/id/ID/ in messagesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Implemented the backend for delete_vlan()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-19Fix syntax errorSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Clarify commentsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Add error-handling to create_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Add the backend for the create_vlan() APISteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Fix indenting after uncommenting. Ugh, python...Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add perform_vlan_update()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17Clarify error messages and commentsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move debug code from vland to a helper function hereSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add the perform_db_update helper functionSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Pass InputErrors straight upSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Bug fix: call the right database method!Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17db is now passed in the state structureSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Add perform_daemon_query() helper functionSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Split up IPC queries betterSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Sea change in how admin code calls the database layerSteve McIntyre