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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-19Fix up self-test codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Added switch_restart method - use to force config rollbackSteve McIntyre
2014-10-20Simplify driver setupSteve McIntyre
2014-10-20Fix cut and paste error in error messagesSteve McIntyre
2014-10-10Initial skeleton for driversSteve McIntyre
2014-10-10Clear out any existing systemdata each callSteve McIntyre
2014-10-10Rename driver files to remove hyphensSteve McIntyre
2014-10-01Major code change: s/general/access/Steve McIntyre
2014-09-24Change coding styleSteve McIntyre
2014-09-18stupid changeSteve McIntyre
2014-09-17Add "no shutdown" when changing VLANsSteve McIntyre
2014-09-15Remove duplicate def for _show_clockSteve McIntyre
2014-08-19Remove old debugSteve McIntyre
2014-08-19Loosen the expected regex for sX300 modelsSteve McIntyre
2014-08-18Believed-working driver for the Catalyst 3750Steve McIntyre
2014-08-18Move more common code out into common.pySteve McIntyre
2014-08-18Add the SwitchGetCapabilites() methodSteve McIntyre
2014-08-15Fix format strings - ports are strings, not numbersSteve McIntyre
2014-08-14More WIP for the Catalyst driverSteve McIntyre
2014-08-14Clean up driver interface for sX300Steve McIntyre
2014-08-13More WIPSteve McIntyre
2014-08-12Add commentSteve McIntyre
2014-08-12WIP on Catalyst supportSteve McIntyre
2014-08-12Move common driver methods out to a separate fileSteve McIntyre
2014-08-12Set window size to remove/reduce pagingSteve McIntyre
2014-08-12Minor tweaksSteve McIntyre
2014-08-11WIP checkin of Cisco sX300 driverSteve McIntyre