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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-23Bugfix: use the right field name for lookupSteve McIntyre
2014-12-22Remove un-needed restore_base_vlan() methodSteve McIntyre
2014-12-21Add get_vlan_tag_by_id()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-18Trivial changes suggested by pylintSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Typo fixSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add _get_multi_elements2() and get_trunk_port_names_by_switch()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-10Added trivial self-test if run directlySteve McIntyre
2014-12-08Add length-checking on VLAN namesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-08Complete commenting for database methodsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-08Remove unused methodsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-08Validate VLAN tags on VLAN creationSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add helpers for get/set of base/current vlan on portsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05s/set_vlan/set_current_vlan/Steve McIntyre
2014-12-05Fix syntax for is_trunk and is_lockedSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05More consistemcy updates to the database layerSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05psycopg2 doesn't like us specifying %d, so revertSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Misc consistency updatesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05More consistency in input validationSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add set_port_modeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Check the port exists in set_port_is_lockedSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Make the DB APi function names clearerSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Reorder DB functionsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05s/get_vlan_id_from_tag/get_vlan_id_by_tag/Steve McIntyre
2014-12-05s/get_vlan_id_from_name/get_vlan_id_by_name/Steve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add constraints to delete_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add new API calls for various usesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add a new wrapper _get_multi_elements()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-05Update comment on _get_elementSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add extra constraint on port creation:Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add a multi-column query wrapper _get_element2()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Remove cut-and-paste errorSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Switch argument order for better logicSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Implement delete_port, including constraintsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Minor tweak to error messageSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Switch to NamedTuple curson factorySteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add constraints to delete_switch()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add get_ports_by_switch() helper methodSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Fix _delete_row() so it actually works!Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Comment for _get_element()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add _get_multi_elements() helper methodSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Use rowcount rather than exceptions on fetchone()[]Steve McIntyre
2014-12-02Whitespace tidyingSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Change API for _get_element to avoid exceptionsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add constraints checking on create_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add comments and constraints checking on create_portSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add constraints on create_switchSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Import the new InputError typeSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28_get_row needs the same psycopg hoop-jumping as _get_elementSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Comment on vlan_createSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Add DB function to lock/unlock a port entrySteve McIntyre