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2014-12-19Add more synonmys for True and FalseSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Trivial changes suggested by pylintSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Minor re-flowSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Fix create_vlan argsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Remove un-needed semicolonsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Remove un-needed importsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Reflow codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move the remaining admin DB calls to use vland_callSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Reflow code slightlySteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move more of the admin calls to use call_vlandSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Add new admin CLI for daemon queriesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Split up IPC queries betterSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Sea change in how admin code calls the database layerSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16More imports for admin codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15Minor updates to --statusSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15default_vlan_tag is now a config varSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15Move initialisation of the default VLAN to vland mainSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add --status command and a new "System Commands" groupSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement show_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Fix indentSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Add drivers for get/set/restore current/base VLANsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement lock_port and unlock_portSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Rename set_port_type to set_port_mode, and implement itSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Factor out parsing of True/False valuesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement get_port_by_switch_and_nameSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement show_portSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement list_switch_portsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement show_switchSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05Implement lookup_switch_by_nameSteve McIntyre
2014-12-05s/get_vlan_id_from_tag/get_vlan_id_by_tag/Steve McIntyre
2014-12-05Typo fixSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Implement delete_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02s/remove_/delete_/ for consistencySteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Remove lots of debug that's swamping output nowSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Cope with change in API for ENOENTSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Implement remove_portSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Simplify code structure - all default values are now NoneSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add remove_switch() supportSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Better messageSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02update create_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Add more DB calls, catch InputErrorSteve McIntyre
2014-12-02Import common error definitionsSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Update create_port to match the current DB interfaceSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Grab the correct default vlan_id at startupSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Cosmetic tweaks to debug outputSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Fix mistake from cut and pasteSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Added create_vlan codeSteve McIntyre
2014-11-28Fix usage messageSteve McIntyre
2014-11-27Initial CLI admin code for VLANdSteve McIntyre