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2018-02-02Renamed the admin program from "admin.py" to "vland-admin"Steve McIntyre
2018-02-02Update docs and versioning for the new releaseSteve McIntyre
2018-02-02Fix malformed Changelog entrySteve McIntyre
2016-03-24Release version 0.6v0.6Steve McIntyre
2015-12-24Release version 0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-10-31Update Changelog to match changes since v0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-09-28Start development of v0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-09-25Preparing the v0.4 releaseSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Releasing VLANd version 0.3Steve McIntyre
2015-02-13Add Changelog entry for v0.2Steve McIntyre
2014-12-24Release 0.1v0.1Steve McIntyre
2014-12-22Setup for release 0.1Steve McIntyre