AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-25In database multi-element calls, sort the output for consistencyv0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-09-25Enable the visualisation service by defaultSteve McIntyre
2015-09-25Preparing the v0.4 releaseSteve McIntyre
2015-09-24Add simple-ish CSS and tweak layoutSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Fix pylint warningsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Remove debugSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Cosmetic changes to logging for the main daemonSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Call the common loglevel code in util.set_logging_level()Steve McIntyre
2015-09-23If configured, start the visualisation server tooSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Initial implementation of visualisationSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Move common loglevel code into a new utility function set_logging_level()Steve McIntyre
2015-09-23Add an option of sort order to the dump_table() methodSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Fix bug added in earlier changesSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18Fix trailing whitespaceSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18add default visualisation config in example config fileSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18Fix pylint warningsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18Add initial config support for the visualisation codeSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18Fix format string errorSteve McIntyre
2015-09-18Start of work on visualisationSteve McIntyre
2015-09-07Fix Requires for postgresqlSteve McIntyre
2015-09-07First cut of a simple systemd service file for VLANdSteve McIntyre
2015-09-07Update the version in setup.pySteve McIntyre
2015-09-07Make the core scripts executableSteve McIntyre
2015-09-04Cope with slightly different messages from differing firmware versionsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-04Log when creating a VLAN failed, displaying the switch's errorSteve McIntyre
2015-09-04Correct log message when adding trunk ports to a new VLANSteve McIntyre
2015-09-03Compare the default_vlan_tag to vlan.tagSteve McIntyre
2015-09-03Bug fix when changing ports from access to trunk modeSteve McIntyre
2015-08-07Fix incomplete commentSteve McIntyre
2015-08-07Add trunks, simple containers to track inter-switch connectionsSteve McIntyre
2015-08-06Fix typo in commentSteve McIntyre
2015-08-06In the backend for create_port, only allow numbersSteve McIntyre
2015-08-06Added README to describe the issues with port numberingSteve McIntyre
2015-08-05Print the port number too when printing out port detailsSteve McIntyre
2015-08-05Add new methods to lookup ports by switch and port numberSteve McIntyre
2015-08-05Add the new number field in the ports tableSteve McIntyre
2015-08-05Add port numbers and a port_map_name_to_number() mapping functionSteve McIntyre
2015-08-05Add Pexpect timeout handling for _port_get_all_vlans() tooSteve McIntyre
2015-08-04Allow more ports to be seen on Catalyst switchesSteve McIntyre
2015-08-04Fix up outdated cut-and-paste comments in _get_port_names()Steve McIntyre
2015-08-03If we're passed a VLAN tag of -1, find and allocate the first unusedSteve McIntyre
2015-08-03create_vlan now returns both vlan_id and vlan_tagSteve McIntyre
2015-08-03Add find_lowest_unused_vlan_tag() database APISteve McIntyre
2015-07-31We're not so simple any more... :-)Steve McIntyre
2015-07-31Start v0.4 developmentSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Updating README files for release v0.3v0.3Steve McIntyre
2015-07-31Releasing VLANd version 0.3Steve McIntyre
2015-07-31Use the vland.cfg from the test rack as our exampleSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Improved logging for VLAN creation in testSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Add new massive test setup with all 10 hostsSteve McIntyre