AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-31Updating README files for release v0.3v0.3Steve McIntyre
2015-07-31Releasing VLANd version 0.3Steve McIntyre
2015-07-31Use the vland.cfg from the test rack as our exampleSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Improved logging for VLAN creation in testSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Add new massive test setup with all 10 hostsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Add another 3-switch test, now including the TP-LinkSteve McIntyre
2015-07-31Add timestamps on ping problem log messages in the summarySteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Add simple isolation test for hosts on the TP-Link TLSG2XXXSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Fix test check descriptionSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Cleaner loggingSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Better short-format output for the terminalSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Major changes to ping parsing codeSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Remove redundant "VLANd said" loggingSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Remove the logfile message from individual testsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Really fix test... :-/Steve McIntyre
2015-07-30Really fix the typo in the test scriptSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Add a PASS messageSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Change the ping-parsing output code outputSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Mention the logfile at test startupSteve McIntyre
2015-07-30Fix cut and paste error in test scriptSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29More trivial tweaks to outputSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Yet more cosmetic changesSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29More cosmetic changesSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29More cosmetic changes to test outputSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Turn down VERBOSE level in test scriptsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Cosmetic tweaks to test outputSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Re-arrange code, and add logging of NAME and DESCRIPTIONSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Add NAME and DESCRIPTION fields for all testsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Ignore *.log tooSteve McIntyre
2015-07-29Add the new log-parsing setup into all the test scriptsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-28Cosmetic improvements to log outputSteve McIntyre
2015-07-28Add parsing of ping test results for better automationSteve McIntyre
2015-07-28Fix typos in the call for set_base_vlanSteve McIntyre
2015-07-28Give all the test scripts saner namesSteve McIntyre
2015-07-27Fix up test-1Steve McIntyre
2015-07-27Tweak machine selection for test-1Steve McIntyre
2015-07-27Misc small fixes after pylint checkingSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24Add a much more complex testSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24Add test for 2 machines on vlandswitch03Steve McIntyre
2015-07-24Add more test scriptsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24In port_set_mode(), verify the uncached _port_get_mode()Steve McIntyre
2015-07-24When importing a switch, handle extra port modes gracefullySteve McIntyre
2015-07-24Handle "dynamic auto" ports differently on the CatalystSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24More "is not" --> != fixesSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24Recognise "dynamic auto" and "trunk" as trunk portsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-24Tweak trunk setup ordering to make switch trunk interop work betterSteve McIntyre
2015-07-22Pause a little longer to make sure everything is settled after port movesSteve McIntyre
2015-07-21Fix syntax for a del() callSteve McIntyre
2015-07-21Add logging in major failure paths in API callsSteve McIntyre
2015-07-21Add logging for the port mode cache codeSteve McIntyre