AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-13Added COPYING and license detailsv0.2Steve McIntyre
2015-02-13Add Changelog entry for v0.2Steve McIntyre
2015-02-13Added mention of the sanity checkerSteve McIntyre
2015-02-13Updated README for the 0.2 releaseSteve McIntyre
2015-02-13Add missing string parameters in error messageSteve McIntyre
2015-02-13Check locking first on set_current_vlanSteve McIntyre
2015-02-13Check for locking on set_port_modeSteve McIntyre
2015-02-13Use the right data for set_current_vlanSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Common test code infrastructureSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Fix pylint errorsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Remove debug in parameter validation codeSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Put the time zone in the right place in log outputSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add the timezone for log outputSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Print the logfile name at startupSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Fix cut and paste error, save filenameSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Loglevel handling fixesSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Switch to using logging() properlySteve McIntyre
2015-02-12pexpect failures are errors, not debugSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12More fixesSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12More debug cleanupsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Debug cleanupsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Switch from print to logging.debug in the driversSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Handle timeouts and disconnects in switch_save_running_config() tooSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add some _Steve McIntyre
2015-02-12Update the Catalyst driver to add the re-connect handling logicSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Move _switch_connect() to the private method areaSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Cosmetic cleanupsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Remove dead debug codeSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Fix up after re-indent with retry logicSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12(hopefully) final fixes for the prompt detection codeSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add retries on the remaining switch interface functionsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Better regexp for picking up the promptSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add retry handling for _get_port_names() tooSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add debug for the prompt name detection failure problemSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add retry logic for pexpect failuresSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Split out switch_connect so we can re-use it internallySteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add calls to the new SwitchErrors() logging methodsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add initial SwitchErrors classSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12More silly cut and paste errorsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Typo fixesSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add PExpectError exception handling in _read_long_output() tooSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Add PExpectError excepetion classSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12typo fixSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Initial error handling code for dropped and timed-out connectionsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12More debug for connection errorsSteve McIntyre
2015-02-12Cache login details so we can re-connect if neededSteve McIntyre
2015-02-11Tweak debug outputSteve McIntyre
2015-02-11Bugfix - track the right list of VLANs for the switchSteve McIntyre
2015-02-11Don't re-add VLANs to trunksSteve McIntyre
2015-02-11Remove debug messageSteve McIntyre