AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-21Add get_vlan_tag_by_id()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-19Implemented the backend for delete_vlan()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-19Fix syntax errorSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Clarify commentsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Add error-handling to create_vlanSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Fix up self-test codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Added switch_restart method - use to force config rollbackSteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Add the backend for the create_vlan() APISteve McIntyre
2014-12-19Add more synonmys for True and FalseSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Trivial changes suggested by pylintSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Minor re-flowSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Fix create_vlan argsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Remove un-needed semicolonsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Remove un-needed importsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Add JSON helper for serialising datetime objectsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-18Typo fixSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Fix indenting after uncommenting. Ugh, python...Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add _get_multi_elements2() and get_trunk_port_names_by_switch()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add perform_vlan_update()Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17Clarify error messages and commentsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move debug code from vland to a helper function hereSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add vlan_update and vland_api callsSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Clarify comment about util calls slightlySteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Remove dead code for nowSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Clarify help message slightlySteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Reflow codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move the remaining admin DB calls to use vland_callSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Reflow code slightlySteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move more of the admin calls to use call_vlandSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add the perform_db_update helper functionSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Pass InputErrors straight upSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Bug fix: call the right database method!Steve McIntyre
2014-12-17db is now passed in the state structureSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Add db_update call - APIs that only change database stateSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Pass state to all the helper functions nowSteve McIntyre
2014-12-17Move the database connection and default_vlan_id into stateSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Add new admin CLI for daemon queriesSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Rename "query" to "db_query" in vland, so we can add "daemon_query"Steve McIntyre
2014-12-16Add a top-level state class to keep global state neaterSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Add perform_daemon_query() helper functionSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Split up IPC queries betterSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Sea change in how admin code calls the database layerSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16More imports for admin codeSteve McIntyre
2014-12-16Lose the timestamp in the database, easier not to have itSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15Make sure we can use the errors we've defined!Steve McIntyre
2014-12-15Minor updates to --statusSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15Cosmetic change to output textSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15default_vlan_tag is now a config varSteve McIntyre
2014-12-15Move initialisation of the default VLAN to vland mainSteve McIntyre
2014-12-12Initial README contentsSteve McIntyre