AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-24Initial Debian packagingdebianSteve McIntyre
2016-03-24Release version 0.6v0.6Steve McIntyre
2016-03-22Pylint warning fixesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-22Add better distinction of error casesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change service file to match the new admin.py interfacesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change test harness scripts to match the new admin.py interfacesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change suggested auto_import_switch command to match new worldSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Massive rewrite of admin.py: use argparse instead of optparseSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Bugfix: s/if/elif/ typo in the middle of the db_update API handlerSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Start 0.6 development, and update boilerplateSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Update the README for 0.5 toov0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-12-24Release version 0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-12-24Update the example config fileSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Turn off refresh by defaultSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Minor metadata updates in setup.pySteve McIntyre
2015-10-31Update Changelog to match changes since v0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-10-30Major change to the tooltip code design - switch to javascriptSteve McIntyre
2015-10-30Drop CSS we're not using to make things smallerSteve McIntyre
2015-10-29Make capitalisation more consistent across the interfaceSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Minor tweaks to layoutSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Add extra HTTP headers for better standards-complianceSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Major re-vamp of the visualisation code: caching and tooltipsSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Make 404 errors more useful - report the path asked forSteve McIntyre
2015-10-27Allow for refresh = False / 0 etc. to turn off refreshSteve McIntyre
2015-10-26Change how port locations are describedSteve McIntyre
2015-10-23Fix up the db.get_last_modified_time() outputSteve McIntyre
2015-10-23Add a database last-modified-timeSteve McIntyre
2015-10-19Fix trailing-whitespace errorsSteve McIntyre
2015-10-19Add checking for clashes in port number in configSteve McIntyre
2015-10-19Improve handling for true/false options in config fileSteve McIntyre
2015-10-19Update config handling for logging level, and add testSteve McIntyre
2015-10-13Fix pylint warning for format stringSteve McIntyre
2015-10-13Fix pylint warning on regex stringSteve McIntyre
2015-10-09Ignore *.pk droppings from the Dummy switch driverSteve McIntyre
2015-10-09More robust error handling and loggingSteve McIntyre
2015-10-09Add commented examples using the Dummy switch driverSteve McIntyre
2015-10-09Add a Dummy switch driver to help with debugging and unit testingSteve McIntyre
2015-10-09Move calls to self.connection.close back into specific driversSteve McIntyre
2015-10-08Add an option for the visualisation web interface to auto-refreshSteve McIntyre
2015-10-08Sort config optionsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-28Bind to any interface, not just localhostSteve McIntyre
2015-09-28Improve error logging in the visualisation codeSteve McIntyre
2015-09-28Start development of v0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-09-25In database multi-element calls, sort the output for consistencyv0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-09-25Enable the visualisation service by defaultSteve McIntyre
2015-09-25Preparing the v0.4 releaseSteve McIntyre
2015-09-24Add simple-ish CSS and tweak layoutSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Fix pylint warningsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Remove debugSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Cosmetic changes to logging for the main daemonSteve McIntyre