AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-05Re-organise the source treeHEADmasterSteve McIntyre
2018-02-08Add debug and retries around vlan_get_name()Steve McIntyre
2018-02-07Be more robust in case of clients doing broken thingsSteve McIntyre
2018-02-07Plumbed through the get_port_mode() API callSteve McIntyre
2018-02-07More database fixes for the RealDict database changesSteve McIntyre
2018-02-05Fix up util API code to match the RealDict database changesSteve McIntyre
2018-02-05Fix up visualisation code to match the RealDict database changesSteve McIntyre
2018-02-02Renamed the admin program from "admin.py" to "vland-admin"Steve McIntyre
2018-02-02Update docs and versioning for the new releaseSteve McIntyre
2018-02-02Update copyright year in a couple of placesSteve McIntyre
2018-02-02Fix malformed Changelog entrySteve McIntyre
2018-02-02Switch to using a different db cursor type for full-row lookupsSteve McIntyre
2018-02-01On the port popup, also show the port name as shown by the switchSteve McIntyre
2018-02-01Add support for storing and using lock_reasonSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31setup_db.py is only for bootstrap - upgrade at runtimeSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31Store and use DATABASE_SCHEMA_VERSION in setup_db.py tooSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31In _init_state, track and deal with needed database schema upgradesSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31Update the setup_db code to create version-1 databaseSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31Shuffle startup order in main processSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31Tweak visualisation process startup to connect to the database laterSteve McIntyre
2018-01-31Cosmetic bug fix in admin interfaceSteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Make the class name and the file name matchSteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Remove trailing newlines to make pylint happySteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Add boilerplate comments for inline unit test harnessSteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Re-order imports to make pylint happySteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Initial Mellanox switch driverSteve McIntyre
2018-01-24Update copyright yearSteve McIntyre
2018-01-17Remove dead port_get_mode() codeSteve McIntyre
2016-08-25Catch more errors in case we're fed garbage through API callsSteve McIntyre
2016-03-24Release version 0.6v0.6Steve McIntyre
2016-03-22Pylint warning fixesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-22Add better distinction of error casesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change service file to match the new admin.py interfacesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change test harness scripts to match the new admin.py interfacesSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Change suggested auto_import_switch command to match new worldSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Massive rewrite of admin.py: use argparse instead of optparseSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Bugfix: s/if/elif/ typo in the middle of the db_update API handlerSteve McIntyre
2016-03-12Start 0.6 development, and update boilerplateSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Update the README for 0.5 toov0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-12-24Release version 0.5Steve McIntyre
2015-12-24Update the example config fileSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Turn off refresh by defaultSteve McIntyre
2015-12-24Minor metadata updates in setup.pySteve McIntyre
2015-10-31Update Changelog to match changes since v0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-10-30Major change to the tooltip code design - switch to javascriptSteve McIntyre
2015-10-30Drop CSS we're not using to make things smallerSteve McIntyre
2015-10-29Make capitalisation more consistent across the interfaceSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Minor tweaks to layoutSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Add extra HTTP headers for better standards-complianceSteve McIntyre
2015-10-28Major re-vamp of the visualisation code: caching and tooltipsSteve McIntyre