BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianInitial Debian packagingSteve McIntyre6 years
masterRe-organise the source treeSteve McIntyre4 years
v0.6vland-0.6.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre6 years
v0.5vland-0.5.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre6 years
v0.4vland-0.4.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre7 years
v0.3vland-0.3.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre7 years
v0.2vland-0.2.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre7 years
v0.1vland-0.1.tar.gz  Steve McIntyre7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-25In database multi-element calls, sort the output for consistencyv0.4Steve McIntyre
2015-09-25Enable the visualisation service by defaultSteve McIntyre
2015-09-25Preparing the v0.4 releaseSteve McIntyre
2015-09-24Add simple-ish CSS and tweak layoutSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Fix pylint warningsSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Remove debugSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Cosmetic changes to logging for the main daemonSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Call the common loglevel code in util.set_logging_level()Steve McIntyre
2015-09-23If configured, start the visualisation server tooSteve McIntyre
2015-09-23Initial implementation of visualisationSteve McIntyre