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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-15Remove the ability to past URLs in the submit pageRémi Duraffort
2017-10-31Rename base-bootstrap and content-bootstrapRémi Duraffort
2017-10-25Remove unnecessary js lib beautify.Stevan Radakovic
2017-09-11LAVA-1033 remove v1 job wizardRémi Duraffort
2017-03-31Fix job submission pageRémi Duraffort
2017-03-30Do not send a spurious POST submit requestRémi Duraffort
2016-10-21Job submission UI for v2.Stevan Radakovic
2015-11-13Uglify js files.Stevan Radaković
2015-03-19Align and add missing </div> tags.Senthil Kumaran S
2014-10-01Add a note that JSON validation has to be done manually after editing JSON text.Stevan Radaković
2014-08-28Add ability to validate JSON job definition manually.Georgy Redkozubov
2014-06-12My favorite jobs feature.Stevan Radaković
2014-05-30Adds notification on resubmit.Neil Williams
2014-05-22Allow for js links being at the end of the file.Neil Williams
2014-05-22Fixed bug 1318939.Neil Williams
2014-05-22Job submission wizard.Stevan Radaković
2014-04-17Multinode submit: fix a typoRémi Duraffort
2014-04-08Job submission: use the right base templateRémi Duraffort
2014-04-08Port submission form to bootstrap.Rémi Duraffort
2014-03-28LAVA-333 - port lava-server to django1.6Neil Williams
2013-12-12Added ability to modify job definition before resubmitting it.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-10-09Add links directly to each MultiNode job from the submit results.Neil Williams
2013-09-23Revert "Add support for django1.5 backported to django1.4"Antonio Terceiro
2013-09-19Add support for django1.5 backported to django1.4Neil Williams
2013-07-04Fix error while submitting multinode job via UI.Senthil Kumaran
2013-06-28Fix things proposed in code review.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-27Remove validation check. Fix url problem.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-27Add support for pasting URLs in the textarea.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Django does not approve sending - in the variables through the response.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Handle server errors.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Fix links on submission page.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Add links to successfull submission message.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26More cosmetic css changes.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Add span due to vertical alignment.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-26Add validation box for JSON input.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-25Enhance view method to return more descriptive data.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-25Setting up POST for submitting job and some jQuery bind events.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Add form element and submit button.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Add css for the textarea element.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Rename wrong directory name for scripts.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Add lined textarea field and jquery plugin for it.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Fix user retreival error.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Add authorization for job submission page.Stevan Radakovic
2013-06-24Add menu item for job submission with empty page.Stevan Radakovic