AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-05Add lava-server manage device-tagsHEADmasterNeil Williams
2018-10-05Initial blackening support.Neil Williams
2018-10-05CI fix docker build when branch name is uppercaseRémi Duraffort
2018-10-02CI: fail the job is listing deps is failingRémi Duraffort
2018-10-02CI: fix typo in setupRémi Duraffort
2018-10-01Add overrides for bandit false positivesNeil Williams
2018-10-01Ignore new PEP8 warning W504Neil Williams
2018-10-01Silence SAST warnings about mark_safe for internal data.Neil Williams
2018-10-01Apply yaml.safe_load to unit testsNeil Williams
2018-10-01Silence SAST noise from unit testNeil Williams
2018-10-01Silence security noise from unit test use of assertNeil Williams
2018-09-28Explicitly set autoescape to False for YAML.Neil Williams
2018-09-27Point README at new siteNeil Williams
2018-09-27Fix typo in the variable names for sinceNeil Williams
2018-09-26Update jobs.pyNeil Williams
2018-09-26Add more output to scheduler.jobs.listNeil Williams
2018-09-25Updates for the contribution guideNeil Williams
2018-09-21CI: tag the docker images correctlyRémi Duraffort
2018-09-21CI: move scripts into a specific folderRémi Duraffort
2018-09-21CI: Refactor the test pipelineRémi Duraffort
2018-09-21CI: build docker images automaticallyRémi Duraffort
2018-09-21Improve indexing and linking for device dictsNeil Williams
2018-09-21Support building for specific suitesNeil Williams
2018-09-21Minor doc updatesSteve McIntyre
2018-09-21CI: use requires.py to build the dependenciesRémi Duraffort
2018-09-20Update copyright of docs.Neil Williams
2018-09-21Add gitlab ci configurationRémi Duraffort
2018-09-20requirements: fix indentationRémi Duraffort
2018-09-20Update stretch-backports.yaml for whitespace alignmentNeil Williams
2018-09-20Fix django-tables2 version on stretchRémi Duraffort
2018-09-19Fix build errors in manpagesNeil Williams
2018-09-19Remove unused dependencies from calculated requirementsNeil Williams
2018-09-19Implement split behaviour for Debian backportsNeil Williams
2018-09-18Port zmq-client example script to Python3Neil Williams
2018-09-18Fix copy/paste error in 65ba876cb5Neil Williams
2018-09-18Use generator expressions when availableRémi Duraffort
2018-09-18Use isinstance() instead of type()Rémi Duraffort
2018-09-18doc: fix most broken linksRémi Duraffort
2018-09-18Support LXC with IoTNeil Williams
2018-09-18Allow LXC for FRDM-K64F IoT deviceNeil Williams
2018-09-18Fix the name for unstable requirementsNeil Williams
2018-09-17Move requirements away from pypi toolingNeil Williams
2018-09-17Remove python2 leftoverRémi Duraffort
2018-09-17Add support for qemu-system-miscNeil Williams
2018-09-17CI: use debian-9-packaging from ci-imagesRémi Duraffort
2018-09-17CI: use debian 9 for the coverageRémi Duraffort
2018-09-17Speedup test suite by caching jinja2 environmentsRémi Duraffort
2018-09-17Let LXC protocol calls use lists as in baseNeil Williams
2018-09-14Upgrade doc examples to StretchNeil Williams
2018-09-14Handle cancelled test jobs in get_recent_jobsNeil Williams