BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImprove indexing and linking for device dictsNeil Williams28 hours
releaseAllow LAVA_DB_USER to contain hyphensNeil Williams2 months
stagingFix vland interface code so it works with python3 tooSteve McIntyre5 days
2018.7.post1lava-2018.7.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 days
2018.7lava-2018.7.tar.gz  Neil Williams8 weeks
2018.5.post1lava-2018.5.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
2018.5lava-2018.5.tar.gz  Neil Williams4 months
2018.4.post2lava-2018.4.post2.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
2018.4.post1lava-2018.4.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
0.1.6lava-0.1.6.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 hoursImprove indexing and linking for device dictsHEADmasterNeil Williams
34 hoursSupport building for specific suitesNeil Williams
35 hoursMinor doc updatesSteve McIntyre
35 hoursCI: use requires.py to build the dependenciesRémi Duraffort
36 hoursUpdate copyright of docs.Neil Williams
36 hoursAdd gitlab ci configurationRémi Duraffort
38 hoursrequirements: fix indentationRémi Duraffort
38 hoursUpdate stretch-backports.yaml for whitespace alignmentNeil Williams
38 hoursFix django-tables2 version on stretchRémi Duraffort
3 daysFix build errors in manpagesNeil Williams