BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd lava-server manage device-tagsNeil Williams6 years
releaseAllow LAVA_DB_USER to contain hyphensNeil Williams6 years
stagingFix vland interface code so it works with python3 tooSteve McIntyre6 years
2018.7.post1commit b0a5259342...Neil Williams6 years
2018.7commit df14c92c0c...Neil Williams6 years
2018.5.post1commit 95f28429c3...Neil Williams6 years
2018.5commit bc44750733...Neil Williams6 years
2018.4.post2commit 94b4e80e97...Neil Williams6 years
2018.4.post1commit 0502100fe2...Neil Williams6 years
0.1.6commit a1d9f99e34...Neil Williams9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-05Add lava-server manage device-tagsHEADmasterNeil Williams
2018-10-05Initial blackening support.Neil Williams
2018-10-05CI fix docker build when branch name is uppercaseRémi Duraffort
2018-10-02CI: fail the job is listing deps is failingRémi Duraffort
2018-10-02CI: fix typo in setupRémi Duraffort
2018-10-01Add overrides for bandit false positivesNeil Williams
2018-10-01Ignore new PEP8 warning W504Neil Williams
2018-10-01Silence SAST warnings about mark_safe for internal data.Neil Williams
2018-10-01Apply yaml.safe_load to unit testsNeil Williams
2018-10-01Silence SAST noise from unit testNeil Williams