BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAllow LAVA_DB_USER to contain hyphensNeil Williams43 hours
releaseUse yaml.safe_load when parsing user dataRémi Duraffort5 weeks
stagingAllow LAVA_DB_USER to contain hyphensNeil Williams43 hours
2018.5.post1lava-2018.5.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 weeks
2018.5lava-2018.5.tar.gz  Neil Williams9 weeks
2018.4.post2lava-2018.4.post2.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
2018.4.post1lava-2018.4.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
0.1.6lava-0.1.6.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
43 hoursAllow LAVA_DB_USER to contain hyphensHEADmasterNeil Williams
44 hoursSimplify and rationalise log permissionsNeil Williams
44 hoursCreate but not edit objects in admin interfaceNeil Williams
45 hoursworker: add a link to the admin pageRémi Duraffort
45 hoursCosmeticsRémi Duraffort
45 hoursRevert "Make primary key non-editable"Rémi Duraffort
46 hoursOutput a validation error for missing commands:Neil Williams
3 daysSkip deployment_data test if simg2img not installedNeil Williams
4 dayslava-slave: cosmeticsRémi Duraffort
4 daysLAVA-1381 CLI to copy an existing deviceNeil Williams