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doc_develadd notes and images for first job submission and resultsNeil Williams17 months
docsremove fixmeNeil Williams16 months
masterTry to create a generator for yaml dumpingRémi Duraffort15 min.
playgroundfix default value for arch to not require and not send spurious data to debuildNeil Williams21 months
releaseMerge branch 'staging' into releaseNeil Williams10 days
stagingFix typo in static_info handling in base.jinja2Neil Williams3 days
trustyForce the frozen version.Neil Williams24 months
v2wsgi: use the Django public APIRémi Duraffort14 months
2017.11lava-server-2017.11.tar.gz  Neil Williams10 days
2017.10lava-server-2017.10.tar.gz  Neil Williams7 weeks
2017.9lava-server-2017.9.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
2017.7lava-server-2017.7.tar.gz  Neil Williams4 months
2017.6lava-server-2017.6.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
2017.5lava-server-2017.5.tar.gz  Neil Williams6 months
2017.4lava-server-2017.4.tar.gz  Neil Williams7 months
2017.2lava-server-2017.2.tar.gz  Neil Williams9 months
2017.1lava-server-2017.1.tar.gz  Neil Williams10 months
2016.12lava-server-2016.12.tar.gz  Neil Williams11 months
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15 min.Try to create a generator for yaml dumpingHEADmasterRémi Duraffort
2 daysFix typo and update URLs in example artifact conversion job in doc.Senthil Kumaran S
3 daysUpdate various Debian referencesSteve McIntyre
3 daysFix Report a bug and Support links.Senthil Kumaran S
3 daysPort template to python3Rémi Duraffort
3 daysAdd a YAML syntax checker for static device configsNeil Williams
3 daysTake CUSTOM_DOCS into account for Help link.Senthil Kumaran S
3 daysFix help link on index page.Senthil Kumaran S
3 daysPoint to LAVA docs directly without a dropdown for Help.Senthil Kumaran S
3 daysRemove unused functions and dependenciesRémi Duraffort