BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterCorrected link in healthcheckMaria Högberg2 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 hoursCorrected link in healthcheckHEADmasterMaria Högberg
3 hoursEnabled encryption for lava-slaveLuca Di Stefano
3 hoursUpdating hikey6220 health check on lkft-staging to reflect firmware build 69Maria Högberg
5 hoursUpdating hikey-11 to hikey-r1-08Maria Högberg
12 hoursMake sure OTG port is powered on in hcsDave Pigott
28 hoursAdding third BananaPi to v.l.oMaria Högberg
29 hoursWorkaround bug in invalid_template checkNeil Williams
31 hoursAdding bananaPi 02 to v.l.oMaria Högberg
34 hours2014.8 updates for validation.l.oNeil Williams
34 hours2018.4 updates for LITENeil Williams