BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdating lkft-staging hikey health check to build 80Maria Högberg76 min.
AgeCommit messageAuthor
76 min.Updating lkft-staging hikey health check to build 80HEADmasterMaria Högberg
6 hoursFix IP address of x15-01 in v.l.oDave Pigott
23 hoursAmending the ser2net config for mps2 on stagingMaria Högberg
28 hoursAdd None type check for error type - new in 2018.10Dave Pigott
28 hoursUpdate lava message dbDave Pigott
29 hourscorrecting staging ser2net for mps2Maria Högberg
30 hoursCorrecting syntax for staging-mps2Maria Högberg
2 daysMPS2 to stagingMaria Högberg
2 daysUpdate device-types for 2018.10Neil Williams
2 daysUp the power off default timeoutDave Pigott