BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
docExpand the parameters example.Neil Williams4 years
masterLAVA-1048 extend X15 support for U-BootNeil Williams6 hours
playgroundRevert "Checking that resolv.conf exists"Tyler Baker2 years
releaseMerge branch 'staging' into releaseNeil Williams2 weeks
stagingMerge branch 'master' into stagingNeil Williams2 weeks
v2Add Python 3.4 and 3.5 to the list of python versionsRémi Duraffort8 months
2017.9lava-dispatcher-2017.9.tar.gz  Neil Williams2 weeks
2017.7lava-dispatcher-2017.7.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
2017.6lava-dispatcher-2017.6.tar.gz  Neil Williams3 months
2017.5lava-dispatcher-2017.5.tar.gz  Neil Williams4 months
2017.4.post1lava-dispatcher-2017.4.post1.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
2017.4lava-dispatcher-2017.4.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
2017.2lava-dispatcher-2017.2.tar.gz  Neil Williams7 months
2017.1lava-dispatcher-2017.1.tar.gz  Neil Williams8 months
2016.12lava-dispatcher-2016.12.tar.gz  Neil Williams9 months
2016.11lava-dispatcher-2016.11.tar.gz  Neil Williams10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursLAVA-1048 extend X15 support for U-BootHEADmasterNeil Williams
3 daysLAVA-1040 - Initial boot only support for artifact conversion in LXCSenthil Kumaran S
4 daysAlways don't assume a ZMQ handler for logging.Senthil Kumaran S
4 daysFix broken link in hikey960 unit test.Senthil Kumaran S
6 daysRemove unused signals after introduction of udev based device addition.Senthil Kumaran S
6 daysFix a typo in log message.Senthil Kumaran S
7 daysLAVA-1046 allow to send logs from lxc udev scriptsRémi Duraffort
7 dayslog: allow to add a linger when closing socketRémi Duraffort
7 dayslogger: remove level and action nameRémi Duraffort
9 dayslava-run: output_dir should be an absolute pathRémi Duraffort