BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix network smoke USE_NC parameter test methodChase Qi5 months
stylesenRevert "Add install dependencies for smoke tests."Senthil Kumaran S7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-01-09Fix network smoke USE_NC parameter test methodHEADmasterChase Qi
2020-11-11lava-test-shell: fix get-adb-serial testMilosz Wasilewski
2020-09-11smoke-tests-net: allow to use nc instead of pingRémi Duraffort
2020-09-09Reverted to ping from nc net testLuca Di Stefano
2020-09-09 fixed nc options to -wLuca Di Stefano
2020-09-08smoke-tests-net: do not use ping to test networkRémi Duraffort
2019-11-22Changed last step without explicit sh callLuca Di Stefano
2019-11-21Fixing test step for lava-test-raiseLuca Di Stefano
2019-10-28Fixed tests and mantainer nameLuca Di Stefano
2019-10-28Network Smoke tests for POSIX imagesLuca Di Stefano