lava-team.gitLava Team Projects 3 months
lava.gitLAVA Projects 3 months
django-restricted-resource.gitThis project has now been moved to gitlab at weeks
django-testproject.git[no description]3 months
django-testscenarios.git[no description]3 months
lava-buildd.git[no description]3 months
lava-coordinator.gitLAVA Coordinator for MultiNode support 3 months
lava-lab.git14 hours
lava-lxc-mocker.gitLXC mocker scripts used by LAVA3 months
lava-tool.git3 months
lava-utils-interface.git3 months
lava.gitThis project has been moved to See: http...3 months
lavacli.git3 months
lavapdu.gitThis project has been moved to months
lavaproxy.git[no description]5 years
linaro-lava-ldap.gitLinaro login service specific customizations for LAVA LDAP4 years
network-map.git[no description]3 months
vland.git[no description]3 months
arm-probe.git[no description]3 months
hacking-session.git[no description]5 weeks
kernel-ci-backend.git[no description]3 months
kernel-ci-frontend.git[no description]3 months
lava-ci.git[no description]3 months
lava-functional-tests.gitCollection of test job files used during functional LAVA verification. 6 weeks
lava-pep8.git[no description]3 months
publishing-api-script.gitA simple script to upload files to 3 months
refactoring.git[no description]3 months