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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-15corstone700: update release tag in the scriptCORSTONE-700-2020.12.10Satish Kumar
2020-11-27Corstone-500: adding Corstone-500 documentationCORSTONE-500-2020.11.27Abdellatif El Khlifi
2020-07-30n1sdp: update sync script to reflect latest tagN1SDP-2020.07.27Jagadeesh Ujja
2020-03-31n1sdp: update sync script to reflect tag and kernel versionN1SDP-2020.03.26Deepak Pandey
2020-03-19ca5ds: update tags for 2020.03.06 releaseCA5-DESIGNSTART-2020.03.06Avinash Mehta
2020-03-04corstone700: update tags for 2020.02.10 releaseCORSTONE-700-2020.02.10Avinash Mehta
2020-02-20n1sdp: add busybox fileystem optionChandni Cherukuri
2019-12-16n1sdp: remove the known tag for the source buildPatrik Berglund
2019-12-13n1sdp: download Ubuntu kernel patches based on the kernel versionPatrik Berglund
2019-10-24Sync_workspace: Update release version to 19.10Asha R
2019-09-25corstone700: documentation changes for v2019.09.23CORSTONE-700-2019.09.23Avinash Mehta
2019-09-16ca5ds: update tag for fixing build issueTushar Khandelwal
2019-09-13n1sdp: add tag N1SDP-2019.09.13N1SDP-2019.09.13sudipto paul
2019-09-13ca5ds: change tag name for the current releaseTushar Khandelwal
2019-09-12sync: add support for ca5dsAsh Wilding
2019-09-12sync: realign post-sync build-script cleanup to align with LT restructureAsh Wilding
2019-09-12sync: fix bug where ssh:// checkouts of arm-reference-platforms could not bui...Ash Wilding
2019-08-28n1sdp: update to fetch 5.2.8 kernelDeepak Pandey
2019-07-22n1sdp: Update tag to N1SDP-ALPHA2-CCIX-19.07 in sync scriptN1SDP-ALPHA2-CCIX-19.07sudipto paul
2019-07-22sync: fix bug where manifest release would not be set for platforms usingAsh Wilding
2019-07-21sync: update for LT-19.06 releaseAsh Wilding
2019-07-21sync: rework tag selection mechanismAsh Wilding
2019-07-04N1SDP: Replace OE LAMP with UbuntuAsh Wilding
2019-06-29Add support for Corstone-700Ash Wilding
2019-05-31Improve script verbosity.Ash Wilding
2019-04-30Direct download links on developer.arm.com are no longer prefixedAsh Wilding
2019-04-15n1sdp: update sync_workspace.py to relocate the grub-oe-lamp imageAsh Wilding
2019-04-15Add sync script for reference platformsAsh Wilding