Release notes - 2020.10.29

1.   Release tag

The manifest tag for this release is TC0-2020.10.29

2.   Components

The following is a summary of the key software features of the release:
  • Yocto based BSP build supporting Android and Poky distro.
  • Trusted firmware-A for secure boot.
  • System control processor(SCP) firmware for programming the interconnect, doing power control etc.
  • U-Boot bootloader.

3.   Hardware Features

  • Booker CI with Memory Tagging Unit(MTU) support driver in SCP firmware.
  • GIC Clayton Initialization in Trusted Firmware-A.
  • Mali-D71 DPU and virtual encoder support for display in Linux.
  • MHUv2 Driver for SCP and AP communication.
  • UARTs, Timers, Flash, PIK, Clock drivers.
  • PL180 MMC.

4.   Software Features

  • Poky Distribution support.
  • Android Q/10 Support.
  • Android Common Kernel 5.4.
  • Trusted Firmware-A.
  • Support secure boot based on TBBR specification https://developer.arm.com/documentation/den0006/latest
  • System Control Processor firmware.
  • Yocto based build system.
  • U-Boot bootloader.
  • Power management features: cpufreq and cpuidle.
  • SCMI (System Control and Management Interface) support.
  • Verified u-boot for authenticating fit image (containing kernel + ramdisk) during poky boot.
  • Android Verified Boot (AVB) for authenticating boot and system image during Android boot.
  • Software rendering on Android with DRM Hardware Composer offloading composition to Mali D71 DPU.
  • Initial support for Hafnium as Secure Partition Manager (SPM) at S-EL2, managing cactus S-EL1 test Secure Partitions (SPs).

5.   Platform Support

  • This Software release is tested on TC0 Fast Model platform (FVP). - Supported Fast model version for this release is 11.12.53

6.   Known issues or Limitations

At the U-Boot prompt press enter and type "boot" to continue booting else wait for ~15 secs for boot to continue automatically.This is because of the time differrence in CPU frequency and FVP operating frequency.

7.   Support

For support email: support-arch@arm.com

Copyright (c) 2020, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.