BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfixed tags in the role for sssd updateLuca Di Stefano12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysfixed tags in the role for sssd updateHEADmasterLuca Di Stefano
12 daysAdded tag for sssd config updateLuca Di Stefano
2018-09-26Corrected wrong filename for amandahostsLuca Di Stefano
2018-09-26Add lkft-slave03 to ansibleLuca Di Stefano
2018-09-11Added new hypervisors and staging 03 to ansibleLuca Di Stefano
2018-09-06added julien.duraj to ART ssh accessLuca Di Stefano
2018-07-29tcwg-tk1-cpucore: Fix disablement of CPU idle in /etc/rc.localMaxim Kuvyrkov
2018-07-19Added lkft-synq-qemu01 to ansibleLuca Di Stefano
2018-07-19Cleaned host and group variables for PMWGLuca Di Stefano
2018-07-11Added ben.copeland to sudoers on art02Luca Di Stefano