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2015-05-12Merge branch 'v3.10/topic/gator' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10Kevin Hilman
2015-05-12 Merge tag 'v3.10.77' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2015-05-11gator: Enable multiple source copies to exist in Android build environmentsJon Medhurst
2015-05-08gator: Version 5.21.1Jon Medhurst
2015-05-06tools/power turbostat: Use $(CURDIR) instead of $(PWD) and add support for O=...Thomas D
2015-01-16Merge tag 'v3.10.65' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2015-01-16perf session: Do not fail on processing out of order eventJiri Olsa
2015-01-08Merge tag 'v3.10.64' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2015-01-08userns: Unbreak the unprivileged remount testsEric W. Biederman
2015-01-08mnt: Update unprivileged remount testEric W. Biederman
2014-10-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/gator' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-10-30gator: Version 5.20Jon Medhurst
2014-10-06Merge tag 'v3.10.56' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-10-05perf kmem: Make it work again on non NUMA machinesJiri Olsa
2014-09-18Merge tag 'v3.10.55' into linux-linaro-lsklsk-v3.10-14.09Mark Brown
2014-09-17mnt: Add tests for unprivileged remount cases that have found to be faultyEric W. Biederman
2014-08-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/gator' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-08-04gator: Version 5.19Jon Medhurst
2014-07-14Merge tag 'v3.10.48' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-07-09tools: ffs-test: fix header values endianessMichal Nazarewicz
2014-06-12Merge tag v3.10.43 into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2014-06-11perf evsel: Fix printing of perf_event_paranoid messageDavid Ahern
2014-04-10Merge branch 'v3.10/topic/gator' of git://git.linaro.org/kernel/linux-linaro-...Mark Brown
2014-04-10gator-daemon: Fix compilation error: 'sa_family_t' does not name a typeJon Medhurst
2014-04-10gator: Version 5.18Jon Medhurst
2014-02-14Merge tag 'v3.10.30' into linux-linaro-lsklsk-14.02Mark Brown
2014-02-13turbostat: Use GCC's CPUID functions to support PICJosh Triplett
2014-02-13turbostat: Don't put unprocessed uapi headers in the include pathJosh Triplett
2014-02-10Merge tag 'v3.10.29' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-02-06perf kvm: Fix kvm report without guestmount.Dongsheng Yang
2014-01-27Merge tag 'v3.10.28' into linux-linaro-lsklsk-14.01Mark Brown
2014-01-25perf scripting perl: Fix build error on Fedora 12Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2014-01-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'stable/linux-3.10.y' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2014-01-09cpupower: Fix segfault due to incorrect getopt_long arugmentsJosh Boyer
2014-01-03gator: Version 5.17Jon Medhurst
2013-12-19gator: Version 5.17Jon Medhurst
2013-12-05Merge tag 'v3.10.22' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2013-12-04perf tools: Remove cast of non-variadic function to variadicMichael Hudson-Doyle
2013-10-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'arm-landing/lsk-3.10-gator' into linux-linaro-l...lsk-13.10Alex Shi
2013-10-11gator: Version 5.16Jon Medhurst
2013-10-08gator: Version 5.15Jon Medhurst
2013-10-06Merge tag 'v3.10.15' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2013-10-05tools lib lk: Uninclude linux/magic.h in debugfs.cVinson Lee
2013-10-04Merge tag 'v3.10.14' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2013-10-01perf tools: Handle JITed code in shared memoryAndi Kleen
2013-08-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/misc' into linux-linaro-lsklsk-13.08Mark Brown
2013-08-21tools lib lk: Respect CROSS_COMPILERabin Vincent
2013-08-04perf tools: Revert regression in configuration of Python supportMichael Witten
2013-08-04Tools: hv: KVP: Fix a bug in IPV6 subnet enumerationK. Y. Srinivasan
2013-06-13turbostat: Increase output buffer size to accommodate C8-C10Josh Triplett