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2008-10-15ALSA: hda - Add ALC1200 supportKailang Yang
2008-10-15ALSA: hda - Fix PCI SSID of ASUS M90VKailang Yang
2008-10-15ALSA: hda - Add auto mic switch in realtek auto-probe modeKailang Yang
2008-10-14ALSA: hda: fix nid variable warningMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-13Merge branches 'topic/asoc' and 'topic/hda' into for-linusTakashi Iwai
2008-10-13ALSA: ASoC: update email address for Liam GirdwoodLiam Girdwood
2008-10-13ALSA: hda: corrected invalid mixer valuesMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-13ALSA: hda: add mixers for analog mixer on 92hd75xx codecsMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: VREF powerdown for headphonesMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: STAC_HP_M4Matthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: comment typo fixWu Fengguang
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: comment typo fixWu Fengguang
2008-10-10ALSA: hda - Fix PCI SSID for ASROCK K18N78FullHD-hSLITakashi Iwai
2008-10-10ALSA: hda - Fix another ALC889A (rev 0x100101)Clive Messer
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: add more board-specific information for Realtek ALC662 rev1Vedran Miletic
2008-10-10ALSA: cs46xx: Add PCI IDs for TerraTec and Hercules cardsVedran Miletic
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: SPDIF stream muting supportMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: appletv supportPeter Korsgaard
2008-10-10ALSA: hda - Map ALC662 model for Foxconn 45CMX/45GMX/45CMX-KHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2008-10-10ALSA: hda - Map ALC662 model for Gigabyte 945GCM-S2LHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: HP laptop quirkMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: 92xx S/PDIF In supportMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: Fix for reading RIRB buffer on NVIDIA aza controller with AMD Phenom cpuWei Ni
2008-10-10ALSA: Support NVIDIA MCP78/7A HDMI audioWei Ni
2008-10-10ALSA: hda - Fix / clean-up slave digital out codesTakashi Iwai
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: slave_dig_outs code block in wrong locationMatthew Ranostay
2008-10-10ALSA: intel8x0 - Add quirk for Fujitsu Lifebook P7010Takashi Iwai
2008-10-10ALSA: hda: use last DAC defined for hp_pinMatthew Ranostay
2008-09-24ALSA: oxygen: wait for ACK when resetting UARTClemens Ladisch
2008-09-23ALSA: hda - Fix ALC662 DAC mixer mutes also for auto config modelHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2008-09-23ALSA: hda - Add PCI subsystem ID for MacBookPro4,1David Woodhouse
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: SPDIF mux fixes for STAC927xMatthew Ranostay
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA VIA: Replace buggy Mic BoostHarald Welte
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA VIA: Fix 2nd S/PDIF out functionHarald Welte
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA VIA: Fix crash on codecs without HeadphoneHarald Welte
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Quirk for Asus P5Q Premium/Pro boards.Robin H. Johnson
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Implement multiple outputs for AD1988Robin H. Johnson
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA: hda_proc: Fix printf format specifierRobin H. Johnson
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA: hda_local: Less magic numbers.Robin H. Johnson
2008-09-23ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Fix SPDIF output on AD1989BRobin H. Johnson
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: 92hd73xx fixesMatthew Ranostay
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: fixed hp_nid DAC for DELL_M6Matthew Ranostay
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: Input port AMP controlsMatthew Ranostay
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: Added a STAC_HP_M4 quirkMatthew Ranostay
2008-09-23ALSA: hda: fix oopses in snd-hda-intel after digital slave support additionsHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2008-09-22ALSA: virtuoso: add Xonar HDAV1.3 supportClemens Ladisch
2008-09-22ALSA: oxygen: rename first PCM deviceClemens Ladisch
2008-09-22ALSA: virtuoso: rename AC97 callback functionClemens Ladisch
2008-09-22ALSA: virtuoso: make number of PCM1796 DACs configurableClemens Ladisch
2008-09-22ALSA: virtuoso: allow I2C-connected PCM1796Clemens Ladisch