path: root/sound/pci/emu10k1/emufx.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-07ALSA: pci: remove __dev* attributesBill Pemberton
2012-08-14ALSA: PCI: Replace CONFIG_PM with CONFIG_PM_SLEEPTakashi Iwai
2011-05-20ALSA: emu10k1 - Add dB range to Bass and Treble for SB Live!Raymond Yau
2010-05-25ALSA: emu10k1: allow high-resolution mixer controlsClemens Ladisch
2009-04-14ALSA: sound/pci: use memdup_user()Li Zefan
2009-02-05ALSA: emu10k1 - Add missing KERN_* prefix to printkTakashi Iwai
2008-08-13ALSA: Kill snd_assert() in sound/pci/*Takashi Iwai
2008-01-31[ALSA] snd:emu10k1: E-Mu updates. Fixes to firmware loading and support for 0...James Courtier-Dutton
2008-01-31[ALSA] emu10k1 - Fix over-sized kmalloc for TLVTakashi Iwai
2008-01-31[ALSA] Remove sound/driver.hTakashi Iwai
2007-10-16[ALSA] Changed Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from perex@suse.cz to perex@perex.czJaroslav Kysela
2007-10-16[ALSA] Routines for effect processor FX8010: Use list_for_each_entryMatthias Kaehlcke
2007-10-16[ALSA] This patch removes memset() from snd_emu10k1_fx8010_info() which appar...Mariusz Kozlowski
2007-10-16[ALSA] snd-emu10k1: Add support for E-Mu 1616 PCI, 1616M PCI, 0404 PCI, E-MuJames Courtier-Dutton
2007-07-20[ALSA] emu10k1 - EMU 1212 with 16 capture channelsPavel Hofman
2007-02-09[ALSA] Add even more 'const' to everything related to TLVTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] emu10k1 - Fix ABI for older ld10k1Takashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] snd-emu10k1: Added support for emu1010, including E-Mu 1212m and E-Mu ...James Courtier-Dutton
2006-09-23[ALSA] snd-emu10k1: Add a comment explaining the conversion function for dB g...James Courtier-Dutton
2006-09-23[ALSA] snd-emu10k1: Implement dB gain infomation.James Courtier-Dutton
2006-03-22[ALSA] semaphore -> mutex (PCI part)Ingo Molnar
2006-01-11[PATCH] move capable() to capability.hRandy.Dunlap
2006-01-03[ALSA] emu10k1 - Fix missing declarationsAndreas Schwab
2006-01-03[ALSA] emu10k1: Partial support for Creative emu1212mJames Courtier-Dutton
2006-01-03[ALSA] emu10k1 - Add PM supportTakashi Iwai
2006-01-03[ALSA] Remove xxx_t typedefs: PCI emu10k1Takashi Iwai
2005-11-04[ALSA] Add missing KERN_* suffix to printkTakashi Iwai
2005-11-04[ALSA] Remove snd_runtime_check() macroTakashi Iwai
2005-11-04[ALSA] emu10k1: Front channels via fxbus 8 and 9Mikael Magnusson
2005-09-12[ALSA] Replace with kzalloc() - pci stuffTakashi Iwai
2005-09-12[ALSA] sparse address space annotationsClemens Ladisch
2005-08-30[ALSA] use SNDRV_CTL_NAME_IEC958 macroClemens Ladisch
2005-05-29[ALSA] clean up card featuresLee Revell
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds