path: root/sound/pci/cs5535audio/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-14ALSA: PCI: Replace CONFIG_PM with CONFIG_PM_SLEEPTakashi Iwai
2009-12-15ALSA: cs5535audio: free OLPC quirks from reliance on MGEODE_LX cpu optimizationAndres Salomon
2008-12-10ALSA: cs5535 - Make OLPC-stuff depending on MGEODE_LXTakashi Iwai
2008-12-10ALSA: cs5535audio: clean up OLPC codeAndres Salomon
2008-12-10ALSA: cs5535audio: OLPC analog input supportJaya Kumar
2007-10-16[ALSA] Clean up MakefileTakashi Iwai
2006-09-23[ALSA] Fix Makefile of cs5535audioTakashi Iwai
2006-06-22[ALSA] PM support for cs5535audioJaya Kumar
2006-01-03[ALSA] Add support for the CS5535 Audio deviceJaya Kumar