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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-07kconfig: add script to manipulate .config files on the command lineAndi Kleen
2009-01-07kbuild: reintroduce ALLSOURCE_ARCHS support for tags/cscopeJike Song
2009-01-07bootchart: improve output based on Dave Jones' feedbackArjan van de Ven
2009-01-07fix modules_install via NFSSam Ravnborg
2009-01-06checkpatch: version: 0.26Andy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: fix the perlcritic errorsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: struct file_operations should normally be constAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: ensure we actually detect if assignments split across linesAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: do not report nr_static as a static declarationAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: track #ifdef/#else/#endif when tracking blocksAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: fix continuation detection when handling spacing on operatorsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: loosen spacing on typedef function checksAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: try to catch missing VMLINUX_SYMBOL() in vmlinux.lds.hMike Frysinger
2009-01-06checkpatch: allow parentheses on return for comparisonsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: Add warning for p0-patchesWolfram Sang
2009-01-06checkpatch: update copyrightsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: version: 0.25Andy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: dissallow spaces between stars in pointer typesAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: comment ends inside strings is most likely not an open commentAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: detect multiple bitfield declarationsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: __weak is an official attributeAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: structure member assignments are not complexAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: widen implied comment detection to allow multiple starsAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: comment detection may miss an implied comment on the last hunkAndy Whitcroft
2009-01-06checkpatch: add checks for in_atomic()Andy Whitcroft
2009-01-06scripts: script from kerneloops.org to pretty print oops dumpsArjan van de Ven
2009-01-02kbuild: ignore a few files in headers_checkSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kbuild: add checks for include of linux/types in userspace headersSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kbuild: drop debugging leftover in tags.shSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kbuild: in headers_install autoconvert asm/inline/volatile to __xxx__Mike Frysinger
2009-01-02kbuild: check for leaked CONFIG_ symbols to userspaceSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02headers_check.pl: disallow extern'sMike Frysinger
2009-01-02kconfig: improve error messages for bad source statementsSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kconfig: struct property commentedSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kconfig: add comments to symbol flagsSam Ravnborg
2009-01-02kconfig: explain symbol value defaultsSam Ravnborg
2008-12-28Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-nextLinus Torvalds
2008-12-19allow stripping of generated symbols under CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALLJan Beulich
2008-12-19kbuild: strip generated symbols from *.koJan Beulich
2008-12-19kbuild: simplify use of genksymsSam Ravnborg
2008-12-19kernel-doc: check for extra kernel-doc notationsRandy Dunlap
2008-12-18kbuild: add headerdep used to detect inclusion cycles in header filesVegard Nossum
2008-12-14kbuild: fix string equality testing in tags.shJiri Slaby
2008-12-14kbuild: fix make tags/cscopeJiri Slaby
2008-12-12tracing/function-graph-tracer: add a new .irqentry.text sectionFrederic Weisbecker
2008-12-05kbuild: remove TAR_IGNORERobert P. J. Day
2008-12-04Merge commit 'v2.6.28-rc7' into tracing/coreIngo Molnar
2008-12-03setlocalversion: add git-svn supportPeter Korsgaard
2008-12-03setlocalversion: print correct subversion revisionPeter Korsgaard
2008-12-03scripts: improve the decodecode scriptArjan van de Ven