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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-01-28kconfig: tristate choices with mixed tristate and boolean valuesJan Beulich
2008-01-28kconfig: remove "enable"Adrian Bunk
2008-01-28kconfig: use environment optionRoman Zippel
2008-01-28kconfig: environment symbol supportRoman Zippel
2008-01-28kconfig: explicitly introduce expression listRoman Zippel
2008-01-28kconfig: gconfig: symbol fixEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: gettext support for configEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: gettext support for lxdialogEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: gettext support for menuconfigEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: gettext support for xconfigEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: macro fix in menu.cEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: gettext support for gconfigEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: missing macros in gconfigEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: whitespace removingEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: update-po-config infoEGRY Gabor
2008-01-28kconfig: use C89 random functions in conf.cLadislav Michl
2008-01-28kconfig: fix whitespace and sort includes in conf.cLadislav Michl
2008-01-28kconfig: delete unused FILE_ and SYMBOL_ flagsSam Ravnborg
2008-01-28kconfig: rename E_OR & friends to avoid name clashSam Ravnborg
2008-01-28kconfig: allow overriding symbolsJan Engelhardt
2008-01-28kconfig: make kconfig MinGW friendlyLadislav Michl
2008-01-28kconfig: use getopt() in conf.c for handling command line argumentsAndres Salomon
2008-01-28kconfig: if ncurses-devel is missing then say soSam Ravnborg
2007-12-23kconfig: obey KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG choices with randconfig.Paul Mundt
2007-11-17x86: simplify "make ARCH=x86" and fix kconfig all.configSam Ravnborg
2007-11-12x86: enable "make ARCH=x86"Sam Ravnborg
2007-11-12kconfig: use $K64BIT to set 64BIT with all*config targetsSam Ravnborg
2007-11-12kconfig: add helper to set config symbol from environment variableSam Ravnborg
2007-11-12kconfig: factor out code in confdata.cSam Ravnborg
2007-10-25x86: move i386 and x86_64 Kconfig files to x86 directorySam Ravnborg
2007-10-25kconfig: small code refactoring in kconfig MakefileSam Ravnborg
2007-10-25x86: move defconfig files for i386 and x86_64 to x86Sam Ravnborg
2007-10-20kconfig: set title bar in xconfigRandy Dunlap
2007-10-19Revert "kconfig: tristate choices with mixed tristate and boolean values"Linus Torvalds
2007-10-18kconfig: comment typo in scripts/kconfig/Makefile.Rob Landley
2007-10-12kconfig/menuconfig: distinguish between selected-by-another options and commentsMatej Laitl
2007-10-12kconfig: tristate choices with mixed tristate and boolean valuesJan Beulich
2007-10-12kbuild: update _shipped files for kconfig syntax cleanupSam Ravnborg
2007-10-12kconfig: syntax cleanup - drop support for "depends/requires/def_boolean"Adrian Bunk
2007-10-12kconfig: fix segv fault in menuconfigSam Ravnborg
2007-10-12kconfig: make comments stand out in menuconfigSam Ravnborg
2007-10-12kbuild: check if we can link gettext not just compileSam Ravnborg
2007-09-01kconfig: oldconfig shall not set symbols if it does not need toRoman Zippel
2007-07-25kconfig: remove unused members from struct symbolSam Ravnborg
2007-07-25kconfig: attach help text to menusSam Ravnborg
2007-07-17kconfig: reset generated values only if Kconfig and .config agree.Roman Zippel
2007-07-17kconfig: strip 'CONFIG_' automatically in kernel configuration searchBernhard Walle
2007-07-16kconfig: fix update-po-configSam Ravnborg
2007-07-16kconfig: use POSIX equality test in check-lxdialog.shMike Frysinger
2007-05-19kconfig: search harder for curses library in check-lxdialog.shMike Frysinger