path: root/scripts/kconfig/nconf.gui.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-18nconf: use function calls instead of ncurses' variables LINES and COLSDirk Gouders
2013-01-24nconf: function keys line, change background color for better readabilityRoland Eggner
2012-07-26nconf: add u, d command keys in scroll windowsBenjamin Poirier
2011-09-09scripts/kconfig/nconf: add KEY_HOME / KEY_END for dialog_inputboxCheng Renquan
2011-09-09scripts/kconfig/nconf: fix editing long stringsCheng Renquan
2011-09-09scripts/kconfig/nconf: dynamically alloc dialog_input_resultCheng Renquan
2011-09-09scripts/kconfig/nconf: fix memmove's length argCheng Renquan
2011-09-09scripts/kconfig/nconf: fix typo: unknow => unknownCheng Renquan
2010-08-17kbuild: fix typoArnaud Lacombe
2010-08-16nconfig: add search supportNir Tzachar
2010-07-23nconfig: Fix segfault when help contains special charactersStephen Boyd
2010-02-02nconfig: mark local functions as suchMichal Marek
2010-02-02kconfig: new configuration interface (nconfig)nir.tzachar@gmail.com