path: root/scripts/genksyms/genksyms.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-11genksyms: Do not expand internal typesMichal Marek
2011-07-25genksyms: Use same type in loop comparisonJesper Juhl
2011-03-17genksyms: Track changes to enum constantsMichal Marek
2011-03-17genksyms: simplify usage of find_symbol()Michal Marek
2011-03-17genksyms: Add helpers for building string listsMichal Marek
2011-03-17genksyms: Simplify printing of symbol typesMichal Marek
2010-02-02genksyms: close ref_file after useAlexander Beregalov
2009-09-23Documentation/: fix warnings from -Wmissing-prototypes in HOSTCFLAGSLadinu Chandrasinghe
2009-01-14Revert "kbuild: strip generated symbols from *.ko"Sam Ravnborg
2008-12-19kbuild: strip generated symbols from *.koJan Beulich
2008-12-03genksyms: allow to ignore symbol checksum changesAndreas Gruenbacher
2008-12-03genksyms: track symbol checksum changesAndreas Gruenbacher
2008-07-31kbuild: genksyms: Include extern information in dumpsAndreas Gruenbacher
2008-07-24remove the v850 portAdrian Bunk
2008-01-28kbuild: fixup genksyms usage/getoptMike Frysinger
2007-05-07blackfin architectureBryan Wu
2006-06-24kbuild: support for %.symtypes filesAndreas Gruenbacher
2006-03-12kbuild: clean-up genksymsSam Ravnborg
2006-03-12kbuild: Lindent genksyms.cSam Ravnborg
2006-03-12kbuild: fix genksyms build errorSam Ravnborg
2006-03-08kbuild: Fix bug in crc symbol generating of kernel and modulesLuke Yang
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds