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2008-07-14TCP: Fix shrinking windows with window scalingPatrick McHardy
2008-03-19[DECNet] fib: Fix out of bound access of dn_fib_props[]Thomas Graf
2008-01-21[ATM]: Check IP header validity in mpc_send_packetHerbert Xu
2008-01-20[IPV4] ROUTE: ip_rt_dump() is unecessary slowEric Dumazet
2008-01-16[IPSEC]: Avoid undefined shift operation when testing algorithm IDHerbert Xu
2008-01-16[IRDA]: irda_create() nuke user triggable printkMaximilian Attems
2008-01-16[INET]: Fix netdev renaming and inet address labelsMark McLoughlin
2008-01-16[IPV4] raw: Strengthen check on validity of iph->ihlHerbert Xu
2008-01-16[IPV6]: Restore IPv6 when MTU is big enoughEvgeniy Polyakov
2008-01-06[PFKEY]: Sending an SADB_GET responds with an SADB_GETCharles Hardin
2007-12-09ipv4/arp.c:arp_process(): remove bogus #ifdef messAdrian Bunk
2007-11-13[NETLINK]: Fix unicast timeoutsPatrick McHardy
2007-11-13[PKT_SCHED] CLS_U32: Fix endianness problem with u32 classifier hash masks.Radu Rendec
2007-11-13[PKT_SCHED]: Fix OOPS when removing devices from a teql queuing disciplineEvgeniy Polyakov
2007-11-12[INET_DIAG]: Fix oops in netlink_rcv_skbPatrick McHardy
2007-11-12[IPV6]: Fix unbalanced socket reference with MSG_CONFIRM.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2007-11-03[PKTGEN]: srcmac fixAdit Ranadive
2007-11-02[SNAP]: Check packet length before readingHerbert Xu
2007-11-02[NET]: gen_estimator deadlock fixRanko Zivojnovic
2007-11-02[ICMP]: Fix icmp_errors_use_inbound_ifaddr sysctlPatrick McHardy
2007-11-02[IEEE80211]: avoid integer underflow for runt rx frames (CVE-2007-4997)John W. Linville
2007-10-18[TCP]: Fix fastpath_cnt_hint when GSO skb is partially ACKedIlpo Järvinen
2007-10-18[NET]: Zero length write() on socket should not simply return 0.David S. Miller
2007-10-18[PKT_SCHED] cls_u32: error code isn't been propogated properlyStephen Hemminger
2007-10-12Revert "TCP: Fix TCP handling of SACK in bidirectional flows"Adrian Bunk
2007-10-06unexport ip_conntrack_{,un}register_notifierAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06unexport neigh_update_hhsAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06[IPSEC] AH4: Update IPv4 options handling to conform to RFC 4302.Nick Bowler
2007-09-24TCP: Fix TCP handling of SACK in bidirectional flowsIlpo Järvinen
2007-07-22[IPV6]: MSG_ERRQUEUE messages do not pass to connected raw socketsDmitry Butskoy
2007-07-22[NET]: Fix gen_estimator timer removal racePatrick McHardy
2007-07-22SCTP: Add scope_id validation for link-local bindsVlad Yasevich
2007-07-22[NET] skbuff: remove export of static symbolJohannes Berg
2007-07-22[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: don't track locally generated special ICMP errorYasuyuki Kozakai
2007-07-22[TCP]: Use default 32768-61000 outgoing port range in all cases.Mark Glines
2007-07-22[NET]: "wrong timeout value" in sk_wait_data() v2Vasily Averin
2007-07-22[IPV4]: Correct rp_filter help text.Dave Jones
2007-07-22[NETFILTER]: {ip,nf}_conntrack_sctp: fix remotely triggerable NULL ptr derefe...Patrick McHardy
2007-05-23[NET_SCHED]: prio qdisc boundary conditionJamal Hadi Salim
2007-05-23[IPV6]: Reverse sense of promisc tests in ip6_mc_inputCorey Mutter
2007-05-23[IPV6]: Send ICMPv6 error on scope violations.David L Stevens
2007-05-23[TCP]: zero out rx_opt in tcp_disconnect()Srinivas Aji
2007-05-23[IPV6]: Track device renames in snmp6.Stephen Hemminger
2007-05-23[IPV6]: Fix slab corruption running ip6sicEric Sesterhenn
2007-05-05[X.25]: Add missing sock_put in x25_receive_dataAndrew Hendry
2007-05-04[NETFILTER]: ipt_CLUSTERIP: fix oops in checkentry functionJaroslav Kysela
2007-05-04[NETFILTER]: ip_nat_proto_gre: do not modify/corrupt GREv0 packets through NATJorge Boncompte
2007-05-01[IPV6]: Disallow RH0 by default (CVE-2007-2242)Adrian Bunk
2007-05-01[NETLINK]: Infinite recursion in netlink (CVE-2007-1861)Adrian Bunk
2007-04-25IrDA: irttp_dup spin_lock initialisationGuennadi Liakhovetski