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2017-03-20Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidlsk-v4.4-17.03-androidAlex Shi
2017-03-15mac80211: flush delayed work when entering suspendMatt Chen
2017-02-27Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-26net: socket: fix recvmmsg not returning error from sock_errorMaxime Jayat
2017-02-26ip: fix IP_CHECKSUM handlingPaolo Abeni
2017-02-26irda: Fix lockdep annotations in hashbin_delete().David S. Miller
2017-02-26dccp: fix freeing skb too early for IPV6_RECVPKTINFOAndrey Konovalov
2017-02-26packet: Do not call fanout_release from atomic contextsAnoob Soman
2017-02-26packet: fix races in fanout_add()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-26net/llc: avoid BUG_ON() in skb_orphan()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-24Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-18l2tp: do not use udp_ioctl()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18ping: fix a null pointer dereferenceWANG Cong
2017-02-18packet: round up linear to header lenWillem de Bruijn
2017-02-18net: introduce device min_header_lenWillem de Bruijn
2017-02-18sit: fix a double free on error pathWANG Cong
2017-02-18sctp: avoid BUG_ON on sctp_wait_for_sndbufMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2017-02-18tcp: avoid infinite loop in tcp_splice_read()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18ipv6: tcp: add a missing tcp_v6_restore_cb()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid readsEric Dumazet
2017-02-18netlabel: out of bound access in cipso_v4_validate()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP optionsEric Dumazet
2017-02-18net: use a work queue to defer net_disable_timestamp() workEric Dumazet
2017-02-18tcp: fix 0 divide in __tcp_select_window()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18ipv6: pointer math error in ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim()Dan Carpenter
2017-02-18ipv6: fix ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim()Eric Dumazet
2017-02-18can: Fix kernel panic at security_sock_rcv_skbEric Dumazet
2017-02-15Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidlsk-v4.4-17.02-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-14mac80211: Fix adding of mesh vendor IEsThorsten Horstmann
2017-02-10Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-09can: bcm: fix hrtimer/tasklet termination in bcm op removalOliver Hartkopp
2017-02-09svcrpc: fix oops in absence of krb5 moduleJ. Bruce Fields
2017-02-06Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-04net: dsa: Bring back device detaching in dsa_slave_suspend()Florian Fainelli
2017-02-04af_unix: move unix_mknod() out of bindlockWANG Cong
2017-02-04bridge: netlink: call br_changelink() during br_dev_newlink()Ivan Vecera
2017-02-04tcp: initialize max window for a new fastopen socketAlexey Kodanev
2017-02-04ipv6: addrconf: Avoid addrconf_disable_change() using RCU read-side lockKefeng Wang
2017-02-04net: fix harmonize_features() vs NETIF_F_HIGHDMAEric Dumazet
2017-02-04ax25: Fix segfault after sock connection timeoutBasil Gunn
2017-02-04openvswitch: maintain correct checksum state in conntrack actionsLance Richardson
2017-02-04tcp: fix tcp_fastopen unaligned access complaints on sparcShannon Nelson
2017-02-04net: ipv4: fix table id in getroute responseDavid Ahern
2017-02-04net: lwtunnel: Handle lwtunnel_fill_encap failureDavid Ahern
2017-02-04Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-02-01SUNRPC: cleanup ida information when removing sunrpc moduleKinglong Mee
2017-01-26svcrdma: avoid duplicate dma unmapping during error recoverySriharsha Basavapatna
2017-01-26svcrpc: don't leak contexts on PROC_DESTROYJ. Bruce Fields
2017-01-22Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-androidAlex Shi
2017-01-19nl80211: fix sched scan netlink socket owner destructionJohannes Berg