path: root/net/bluetooth/hci_core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-22bluetooth: hci: Fix type of "enable_hs" to bool.David S. Miller
2012-01-04Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2011-12-23Revert "Bluetooth: Increase HCI reset timeout in hci_dev_do_close"Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Don't disable interrupt when locking the queueGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: remove *_bh usage from hci_dev_list and hci_cb_listGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Make HCI call directly into SCO and L2CAP event functionsUlisses Furquim
2011-12-21Bluetooth: Remove global mutex hci_task_lockUlisses Furquim
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Initialize default flow control modeAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Split ctrl init to BREDR and AMP partsAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Incoming ACL packets do not force active modeMat Martineau
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Add timer for automatically disabling the service cacheJohan Hedberg
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Add ProFUSION's copyrightGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Use system workqueue to schedule power_onGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Use new alloc_workqueue()Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: move power_off to system workqueueGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: convert tx_task to workqueueGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Move command task to workqueueGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: convert conn hash to RCUGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Use RCU to manipulate chan_listGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: move hci_task_lock to mutexGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Use delayed work for advertisiment cache timeoutGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Replace spin_lock by mutex in hci_devGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Process recv path in a workqueue instead of a taskletMarcel Holtmann
2011-12-16Bluetooth: remove struct hci_chan_hashGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-02Bluetooth: remove old codeAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-02Bluetooth: Add dev_flags to struct hci_devAndre Guedes
2011-11-21Bluetooth: Use queue in the device listAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-11-21Bluetooth: making enable_hs independent from L2CAPAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-11-16Bluetooth: Fix some checkpatch.pl errors and warningsSzymon Janc
2011-11-16Bluetooth: Do not set HCI_RAW when HS enabledAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-11-09Bluetooth: Fix cancel_delayed_work_sync usage with locksJohan Hedberg
2011-11-09Bluetooth: Add missing hci_dev locking when calling mgmt functionsJohan Hedberg
2011-11-09Bluetooth: Move pending management command list into struct hci_devJohan Hedberg
2011-11-09Bluetooth: Pass full hci_dev struct to mgmt callbacksJohan Hedberg
2011-11-08Bluetooth: Update link key mgmt APIs to match latest spec.Johan Hedberg
2011-11-08Bluetooth: Convert power off mechanism to use delayed_workJohan Hedberg
2011-11-08Bluetooth: Add timeout field to mgmt_set_discoverableJohan Hedberg
2011-11-08Bluetooth: Create hci_cancel_inquiry()Andre Guedes
2011-11-08Bluetooth: Create hci_do_inquiry()Andre Guedes
2011-11-07Bluetooth: Guarantee BR-EDR device will be registered as hci0Mat Martineau
2011-11-07Bluetooth: recalculate priorities when channels are starvingLuiz Augusto von Dentz
2011-11-07Bluetooth: handle priority change within quoteLuiz Augusto von Dentz
2011-11-07Bluetooth: prioritizing data over HCILuiz Augusto von Dentz
2011-11-07Bluetooth: Increase HCI reset timeout in hci_dev_do_closeSzymon Janc
2011-11-07Bluetooth: replace list_for_each with list_for_each_entry whenever possibleLuiz Augusto von Dentz
2011-11-07Bluetooth: Make hci_unregister_dev return voidDavid Herrmann
2011-11-02Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/padova...John W. Linville
2011-10-31Bluetooth: Increase HCI reset timeout in hci_dev_do_closeSzymon Janc
2011-10-14Bluetooth: Forward errors from hci_register_devDavid Herrmann
2011-10-14Bluetooth: Rename sysfs un/register to add/delDavid Herrmann