path: root/lib/vsprintf.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-04-29vsprintf: introduce %pf format specifierFrederic Weisbecker
2009-04-08printk: add support of hh length modifier for printkZhaolei
2009-04-08printk: fix wrong format string iter for printkZhaolei
2009-03-14vsprintf: unify the format decoding layer for its 3 users, cleanupVegard Nossum
2009-03-14fix regression from "vsprintf: unify the format decoding layer for its 3 users"Vegard Nossum
2009-03-10vsprintf: fix bug in negative value printingFrederic Weisbecker
2009-03-06vsprintf: unify the format decoding layer for its 3 usersFrederic Weisbecker
2009-03-06vsprintf: add binary printfLai Jiangshan
2009-01-06strict_strto* is not strict enoughPavel Machek
2009-01-03Make %p print '(null)' for NULL pointersLinus Torvalds
2008-11-25aoe: remove private mac address format functionHarvey Harrison
2008-11-03printk: ipv4 address digits printed in reverse orderHarvey Harrison
2008-10-29printk: remove %p6 format specifier, fix up commentsHarvey Harrison
2008-10-29printk: add %I4, %I6, %i4, %i6 format specifiersHarvey Harrison
2008-10-28printk: add %p6 format specifier for IPv6 addressesHarvey Harrison
2008-10-27printk: add %pM format specifier for MAC addressesHarvey Harrison
2008-10-20Implement %pR to print struct resource contentLinus Torvalds
2008-10-16lib: remove defining macros for strict_strto??Harvey Harrison
2008-10-16lib: trivial whitespace tidyHarvey Harrison
2008-10-16lib: pull base-guessing logic to helper functionHarvey Harrison
2008-10-16Add kerneldoc documentation for new printk format extensionsAndi Kleen
2008-09-09lib: Correct printk %pF to work on all architecturesJames Bottomley
2008-08-12lib/vsprintf.c: wrong conversion function usedYi Yang
2008-07-06vsprintf: add support for '%pS' and '%pF' pointer formatsLinus Torvalds
2008-07-06vsprintf: add infrastructure support for extended '%p' specifiersLinus Torvalds
2008-07-06vsprintf: split out '%p' handling logicLinus Torvalds
2008-07-06vsprintf: split out '%s' handling logicLinus Torvalds
2008-02-23lib/vsprintf.c: fix bug omitting minus sign of numbers (module_param)Hoang-Nam Nguyen
2008-02-09x86: trivial printk optimizationsDenys Vlasenko
2008-02-08Add new string functions strict_strto* and convert kernel params to use themYi Yang
2007-07-31lib: move kasprintf to a separate fileSam Ravnborg
2007-07-16vsprintf.c: optimizing, part 2: base 10 conversion speedup, v2Denis Vlasenko
2007-07-16vsprintf.c: optimizing, part 1 (easy and obvious stuff)Denis Vlasenko
2007-05-08fix sscanf %n match at end of input stringJohannes Berg
2007-04-30Add kvasprintf()Jeremy Fitzhardinge
2007-02-12[PATCH] scnprintf(): fix a commentMartin Peschke
2007-02-11[PATCH] Numerous fixes to kernel-doc info in source files.Robert P. J. Day
2006-06-28Fix vsnprintf off-by-one bugLinus Torvalds
2006-06-25[PATCH] Implement kasprintfJeremy Fitzhardinge
2006-06-25[PATCH] Fix bounds check in vsnprintf, to allow for a 0 size and NULL bufferJeremy Fitzhardinge
2005-10-30[PATCH] fix missing includesTim Schmielau
2005-08-23[PATCH] %t... in vsnprintfAl Viro
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds