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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-30lzo: check for length overrun in variable length encoding.Willy Tarreau
2014-10-30Revert "lzo: properly check for overruns"Willy Tarreau
2014-06-26lzo: properly check for overrunsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2013-02-20lib/lzo: Update LZO compression to current upstream versionMarkus F.X.J. Oberhumer
2013-02-20lib/lzo: Rename lzo1x_decompress.c to lzo1x_decompress_safe.cMarkus F.X.J. Oberhumer
2010-01-11lib: add support for LZO-compressed kernelsAlbin Tonnerre
2008-07-25lzo: use get/put_unaligned_* helpersHarvey Harrison
2008-04-10lzo: fix typo in decompressorHarvey Harrison
2007-07-31lzo: add some missing castsRichard Purdie
2007-07-10Add LZO1X algorithm to the kernelRichard Purdie