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2013-04-25vm: add vm_iomap_memory() helper functionLinus Torvalds
2013-04-25ssb: implement spurious tone avoidanceRafał Miłecki
2013-04-25KVM: Allow cross page reads and writes from cached translations.Andrew Honig
2013-04-25kthread: Prevent unpark race which puts threads on the wrong cpuThomas Gleixner
2013-04-16ftrace: Move ftrace_filter_lseek out of CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE sectionSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2013-04-16tracing: Fix possible NULL pointer dereferencesNamhyung Kim
2013-04-16x86-32: Fix possible incomplete TLB invalidate with PAE pagetablesDave Hansen
2013-04-12spinlocks and preemption points need to be at least compiler barriersLinus Torvalds
2013-04-12libata: Set max sector to 65535 for Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH driveShan Hai
2013-04-12libata: Use integer return value for atapi_command_packet_setShan Hai
2013-04-05net: fix *_DIAG_MAX constantsAndrey Vagin
2013-04-05thermal: shorten too long mcast group nameMasatake YAMATO
2013-04-05signal: Define __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER so we know whether to clear sa_restorerBen Hutchings
2013-04-05USB: serial: add modem-status-change wait queueJohan Hovold
2013-04-05userns: Restrict when proc and sysfs can be mountedEric W. Biederman
2013-04-05vfs: Add a mount flag to lock read only bind mountsEric W. Biederman
2013-04-05userns: Don't allow creation if the user is chrootedEric W. Biederman
2013-04-05xen/blkback: correctly respond to unknown, non-native requestsDavid Vrabel
2013-04-05xen-pciback: notify hypervisor about devices intended to be assigned to guestsJan Beulich
2013-03-28drm/radeon: add Richland pci idsAlex Deucher
2013-03-28inet: limit length of fragment queue hash table bucket listsHannes Frederic Sowa
2013-03-28net: cdc_ncm, cdc_mbim: allow user to prefer NCM for backwards compatibilityBjørn Mork
2013-03-28skb: Propagate pfmemalloc on skb from head page onlyPavel Emelyanov
2013-03-28tcp: fix skb_availroom()Eric Dumazet
2013-03-28ipv4: fix definition of FIB_TABLE_HASHSZDenis V. Lunev
2013-03-20atmel_lcdfb: fix 16-bpp modes on older SOCsJohan Hovold
2013-03-20mtd: nand: reintroduce NAND_NO_READRDY as NAND_NEED_READRDYBrian Norris
2013-03-20perf,x86: fix link failure for non-Intel configsDavid Rientjes
2013-03-20perf,x86: fix kernel crash with PEBS/BTS after suspend/resumeStephane Eranian
2013-03-20tty/serial: Add support for Altera serial portLey Foon Tan
2013-03-14mfd: rtsx: Fix issue that booting OS with SD card insertedWei WANG
2013-03-14dm: fix truncated status stringsMikulas Patocka
2013-03-04pstore: Avoid deadlock in panic and emergency-restart pathSeiji Aguchi
2013-03-04xen-blkfront: drop the use of llist_for_each_entry_safeKonrad Rzeszutek Wilk
2013-03-04quota: autoload the quota_v2 module for QFMT_VFS_V1 quota formatTheodore Ts'o
2013-02-28vlan: adjust vlan_set_encap_proto() for its callersCong Wang
2013-02-28ipv4: fix error handling in icmp_protocol.Li Wei
2013-02-28ipv6: use a stronger hash for tcpEric Dumazet
2013-02-28ipv6: fix race condition regarding dst->expires and dst->from.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2013-02-28net: fix a compile error when SOCK_REFCNT_DEBUG is enabledYing Xue
2013-02-28fb: Yet another band-aid for fixing lockdep messTakashi Iwai
2013-02-28fb: rework locking to fix lock ordering on takeoverAlan Cox
2013-02-28vgacon/vt: clear buffer attributes when we load a 512 character font (v2)Dave Airlie
2013-02-28ALSA: usb: Fix Processing Unit Descriptor parsersPawel Moll
2013-02-28pps: Add pps_lookup_dev() functionGeorge Spelvin
2013-02-28serial_core: Fix type definition for PORT_BRCM_TRUMANAGE.Michael Chan
2013-02-12Merge branch 'autofs-fix' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/de...Linus Torvalds
2013-02-09Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netLinus Torvalds
2013-02-08unbreak automounter support on 64-bit kernel with 32-bit userspace (v2)Helge Deller
2013-02-08net: usb: fix regression from FLAG_NOARP codeLucas Stach