path: root/include/linux/phy.h
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2015-05-27net: phy: Add phy_interface_is_rgmii helperFlorian Fainelli
2015-05-14net: phy: Add phy_ignore_ta_mask to account for broken turn-aroundFlorian Fainelli
2015-01-27net: phy: keep track of the PHY suspend stateFlorian Fainelli
2015-01-27net: phy: document has_fixups fieldFlorian Fainelli
2015-01-06ethtool: Extend ethtool plugin module eeprom API to phylibEd Swierk
2014-11-21net: phy: add static data field to struct phy_driverJohan Hovold
2014-11-12net: phy: add module_phy_driver macroJohan Hovold
2014-08-23net: phy: export phy_{read,write}_mmd_indirectFlorian Fainelli
2014-07-30net: libphy: Add phy specific function to access mmd phy registersVince Bridgers
2014-06-21net: phylib: add link_change_notify callback to phy deviceDaniel Mack
2014-05-02mdio_bus: implement devm_mdiobus_alloc/devm_mdiobus_freeGrygorii Strashko
2014-04-20net: phy: export genphy_config_init()Daniel Mack
2014-04-16net: phy: add minimal support for QSGMII PHYThomas Petazzoni
2014-02-17net: phy: allow PHY drivers to implement their own software resetFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-17net: phy: move PHY software reset to genphy_soft_resetFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-14net: phy: add MoCA PHY typeFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-12net: phy: add "has_fixups" boolean propertyFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-12net: phy: re-design phy_modes to be self-containedFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-12net: phy: allow driver to implement their own aneg_doneFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-12net: phy: add genphy_aneg_done()Florian Fainelli
2014-01-13phylib: Support attaching to generic 10g driverAndy Fleming
2014-01-13phylib: introduce PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_XGMII for 10G PHYAndy Fleming
2014-01-13phylib: Add Clause 45 read/write functionsAndy Fleming
2014-01-04phylib: make phy_scan_fixups() staticSergei Shtylyov
2014-01-04phylib: remove unused adjust_state() callbackSergei Shtylyov
2014-01-04<linux/phy.h>: coding style fixesSergei Shtylyov
2013-12-17net: phy: provide phy_resume/phy_suspend helpersSebastian Hesselbarth
2013-12-09net: phy: report link partner features through ethtoolFlorian Fainelli
2013-12-06net: phy: breakdown PHY_*_FEATURES definesFlorian Fainelli
2013-11-20net/phy: Add the autocross feature for forced links on VSC82x4Madalin Bucur
2013-05-31phy: add reverse MII PHY connection typeFlorian Fainelli
2013-05-27phy: allow drivers to flag a PHY device as internalFlorian Fainelli
2013-05-20phy: add phy_mac_interrupt() to use with PHY_IGNORE_INTERRUPTFlorian Fainelli
2013-05-20phy: fix the use of PHY_IGNORE_INTERRUPTFlorian Fainelli
2013-03-12phy: add set_wol/get_wol functionsMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-14net: phy: remove flags argument from phy_{attach, connect, connect_direct}Florian Fainelli
2012-07-09phylib: Support registering a bunch of driversChristian Hohnstaedt
2012-07-01phy: add the EEE support and the way to access to the MMD registers.Giuseppe CAVALLARO
2012-06-27netdev/phy/of: Add more methods for binding PHY devices to drivers.David Daney
2012-06-27netdev/phy: Handle IEEE802.3 clause 45 Ethernet PHYsDavid Daney
2012-05-16netdev/phy: Make get_phy_id() static and quit EXPORTing it.David Daney
2012-04-04ethtool: Introduce a method for getting time stamping capabilities.Richard Cochran
2012-03-16device.h: audit and cleanup users in main include dirPaul Gortmaker
2012-01-12phylib: introduce mdiobus_alloc_size()Timur Tabi
2011-10-24net: hold sock reference while processing tx timestampsRichard Cochran
2011-07-27net: ibm_newemac: convert it to use of_get_phy_modeShawn Guo
2011-07-26atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>Arun Sharma
2010-10-24phylib: make local function staticstephen hemminger
2010-09-02net: Improve comments in include/linux/phy.hPeter Meerwald
2010-07-18net: support time stamping in phy devices.Richard Cochran