path: root/include/linux/ksm.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-23ksm: remove old stable nodes more thoroughlyHugh Dickins
2010-09-09mm: fix swapin race conditionAndrea Arcangeli
2010-08-09ksm: fix ksm swapin time optimizationAndrea Arcangeli
2009-12-16fix ksm.h breakage of nommu buildHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: rmap_walk to remove_migation_ptesHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: let shared pages be swappableHugh Dickins
2009-12-15ksm: stable_node point to page and backHugh Dickins
2009-12-15mm: define PAGE_MAPPING_FLAGSHugh Dickins
2009-09-22ksm: clean up obsolete referencesHugh Dickins
2009-09-22ksm: fix deadlock with munlock in exit_mmapAndrea Arcangeli
2009-09-22ksm: fix oom deadlockHugh Dickins
2009-09-22ksm: identify PageKsm pagesHugh Dickins
2009-09-22ksm: the mm interface to ksmHugh Dickins