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2015-03-05drm/ttm: device address space != CPU address spaceAlex Deucher
2014-12-03drm/ttm: optionally move duplicates to a separate listChristian König
2014-09-30drm/ttm: add reservation_object as argument to ttm_bo_initMaarten Lankhorst
2014-09-11drm/ttm: allow fence to be added as sharedChristian König
2014-09-02drm/ttm: flip the switch, and convert to dma_fenceMaarten Lankhorst
2014-09-01drm/ttm: kill off some members to ttm_validate_bufferMaarten Lankhorst
2014-09-01drm/ttm: add interruptible parameter to ttm_eu_reserve_buffersMaarten Lankhorst
2014-09-01drm/ttm: kill fence_lockMaarten Lankhorst
2014-08-27drm/ttm: move fpfn and lpfn into each placement v2Christian König
2014-08-10drm/ttm: expose CPU address of DMA-allocated pagesAlexandre Courbot
2014-07-08drm/ttm: fix handling of TTM_PL_FLAG_TOPDOWN v2Christian König
2014-07-08drm/ttm: remove declaration of ttm_tt_cache_flushAlexandre Courbot
2014-05-26drm/ttm: fix kerneldoc of ttm_bo_createAlexandre Courbot
2014-04-05Merge tag 'ttm-next-2014-04-04' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~thomash/linu...Dave Airlie
2014-04-04drm/ttm: Hide the implementation details of reservationThomas Hellstrom
2014-04-04drm: Add support for two-ended allocation, v3Lauri Kasanen
2014-03-28drm/ttm: Add a ttm_ref_object_exists functionThomas Hellstrom
2014-03-16drm: init TTM dev_mapping in ttm_bo_device_init()David Herrmann
2014-02-18drm/ttm: declare 'struct device' in ttm_page_alloc.hAlexandre Courbot
2014-01-14Merge tag 'vmwgfx-next-2014-01-13' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~thomash/l...Dave Airlie
2014-01-08drm/ttm: ttm object security fixes for render nodesThomas Hellstrom
2014-01-08drm/ttm: Correctly set page mapping and -index membersThomas Hellstrom
2013-11-21Merge branch 'ttm-fixes-3.13' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~thomash/linux ...Dave Airlie
2013-11-20drm/ttm: Remove set_need_resched from the ttm fault handlerThomas Hellstrom
2013-11-18drm/ttm: Add a minimal prime implementation for ttm base objectsThomas Hellstrom
2013-11-18drm/ttm: Allow execbuf util reserves without ticketThomas Hellstrom
2013-11-06drm/ttm: Enable the dma page pool also for intel IOMMUsThomas Hellstrom
2013-07-25drm/ttm: convert to unified vma offset managerDavid Herrmann
2013-06-28drm/ttm: get rid of ttm_bo_is_reservedMaarten Lankhorst
2013-06-28drm/ttm: inline ttm_bo_reserve and related callsMaarten Lankhorst
2013-06-28drm/ttm: convert to the reservation apiMaarten Lankhorst
2013-06-28drm/ttm: make ttm reservation calls behave like reservation callsMaarten Lankhorst
2013-04-12ttm: export functions to allow qxl do its own iomappingDave Airlie
2013-01-15drm/ttm: unexport ttm_bo_wait_unreservedMaarten Lankhorst
2013-01-15drm/ttm: add ttm_bo_reserve_slowpathMaarten Lankhorst
2013-01-15drm/ttm: remove lru_lock around ttm_bo_reserveMaarten Lankhorst
2012-12-10drm/ttm: remove no_wait_reserve, v3Maarten Lankhorst
2012-11-20drm/ttm: alter cpu_writers to return -EBUSY in ttm_execbuf_util reservationsMaarten Lankhorst
2012-11-20drm/ttm, drm/vmwgfx: Use RCU locking for object lookups v3Thomas Hellstrom
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove sync_arg from driver functionsMaarten Lankhorst
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove sync_obj_arg from ttm_bo_move_accel_cleanupMaarten Lankhorst
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove sync_obj_arg memberMaarten Lankhorst
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove ttm_mem_global->queueMarcin Slusarz
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove ttm_bo_device->nice_modeMarcin Slusarz
2012-11-20drm/ttm: remove ttm_buffer_object->buffer_startMarcin Slusarz
2012-11-07drm/ttm: add ttm_bo_is_reservedMaarten Lankhorst
2012-10-02UAPI: (Scripted) Convert #include "..." to #include <path/...> in kernel syst...David Howells
2012-07-24drm/ttm: remove stale declaration and fieldIlija Hadzic
2012-05-23ttm: add prime sharing support to TTM (v2)Dave Airlie
2012-03-04BUG: headers with BUG/BUG_ON etc. need linux/bug.hPaul Gortmaker