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2015-10-27vfs: Test for and handle paths that are unreachable from their mnt_rootEric W. Biederman
2015-10-27hpfs: update ctime and mtime on directory modificationMikulas Patocka
2015-10-27nfs/filelayout: Fix NULL reference caused by double freeing of fh_arrayKinglong Mee
2015-10-27fix a braino in ovl_d_select_inode()Al Viro
2015-10-27overlayfs: Make f_path always point to the overlay and f_inode to the underlayDavid Howells
2015-10-27overlay: Call ovl_drop_write() earlier in ovl_dentry_open()David Howells
2015-10-27dcache: Handle escaped paths in prepend_pathEric W. Biederman
2015-10-27cifs: use server timestamp for ntlmv2 authenticationPeter Seiderer
2015-10-27[SMB3] Do not fall back to SMBWriteX in set_file_size error casesSteve French
2015-10-27disabling oplocks/leases via module parm enable_oplocks broken for SMB3Steve French
2015-10-27nfs: fix pg_test page count calculationPeng Tao
2015-10-27Btrfs: update fix for read corruption of compressed and shared extentsFilipe Manana
2015-10-27Btrfs: fix read corruption of compressed and shared extentsFilipe Manana
2015-10-27btrfs: skip waiting on ordered range for special filesJeff Mahoney
2015-10-27ocfs2/dlm: fix deadlock when dispatch assert masterJoseph Qi
2015-10-27ext4: don't manipulate recovery flag when freezing no-journal fsEric Sandeen
2015-10-07hfs,hfsplus: cache pages correctly between bnode_create and bnode_freeHin-Tak Leung
2015-10-07hfs: fix B-tree corruption after insertion at position 0Hin-Tak Leung
2015-10-07fs: if a coredump already exists, unlink and recreate with O_EXCLJann Horn
2015-10-07NFS: nfs_set_pgio_error sometimes misses errorsTrond Myklebust
2015-10-07NFS: Fix a NULL pointer dereference of migration recovery ops for v4.2 clientKinglong Mee
2015-10-07NFSv4: don't set SETATTR for O_RDONLY|O_EXCLNeilBrown
2015-10-07Btrfs: check if previous transaction aborted to avoid fs corruptionFilipe Manana
2015-10-07CIFS: fix type confusion in copy offload ioctlJann Horn
2015-08-27hpfs: hpfs_error: Remove static buffer, use vsprintf extension %pV insteadJoe Perches
2015-08-27btrfs: cleanup orphans while looking up default subvolumeJeff Mahoney
2015-08-27btrfs: incorrect handling for fiemap_fill_next_extent returnChengyu Song
2015-08-27freeing unlinked file indefinitely delayedAl Viro
2015-08-27nfsd: do nfs4_check_fh in nfs4_check_file instead of nfs4_check_olstateidJeff Layton
2015-08-27nfsd: refactor nfs4_preprocess_stateid_opChristoph Hellwig
2015-08-27signalfd: fix information leak in signalfd_copyinfoAmanieu d'Antras
2015-08-27nfsd: Drop BUG_ON and ignore SECLABEL on absent filesystemKinglong Mee
2015-08-27ocfs2: fix BUG in ocfs2_downconvert_thread_do_work()Joseph Qi
2015-08-19fsnotify: fix oops in fsnotify_clear_marks_by_group_flags()Jan Kara
2015-08-049p: don't leave a half-initialized inode sitting aroundAl Viro
2015-08-04NFS: Fix size of NFSACL SETACL operationsChuck Lever
2015-08-04Btrfs: fix memory leak in the extent_same ioctlFilipe Manana
2015-08-04Btrfs: use kmem_cache_free when freeing entry in inode cacheFilipe Manana
2015-08-04ext4: replace open coded nofail allocation in ext4_free_blocks()Michal Hocko
2015-08-04ext4: correctly migrate a file with a hole at the beginningEryu Guan
2015-08-04ext4: be more strict when migrating to non-extent based fileEryu Guan
2015-08-04ext4: fix reservation release on invalidatepage for delalloc fsLukas Czerner
2015-07-20Revert "nfs: take extra reference to fl->fl_file when running a LOCKU operation"Sasha Levin
2015-07-20fs/ufs: restore s_lock mutex_init()Fabian Frederick
2015-07-20ufs: Fix possible deadlock when looking up directoriesJan Kara
2015-07-20ufs: Fix warning from unlock_new_inode()Jan Kara
2015-07-20vfs: Ignore unlocked mounts in fs_fully_visibleEric W. Biederman
2015-07-13vfs: Remove incorrect debugging WARN in prepend_pathEric W. Biederman
2015-07-13Btrfs: make xattr replace operations atomicFilipe Manana
2015-07-13fs: Fix S_NOSEC handlingJan Kara