path: root/fs/xfs/xfs_mount.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-02Merge branch 'xfs-buf-iosubmit' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-10-02xfs: check xfs_buf_read_uncached returns correctlyDave Chinner
2014-09-29xfs: xfs_kset should be static Dave Chinner
2014-08-04Merge branch 'xfs-misc-fixes-3.17-2' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-08-04Merge branch 'xfs-misc-fixes-3.17-1' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-08-04xfs: fix coccinelle warningskbuild test robot
2014-08-04xfs: avoid false quotacheck after unclean shutdownEric Sandeen
2014-07-30xfs: require 64-bit sector_tChristoph Hellwig
2014-07-24xfs: allow inode allocations in post-growfs disk spaceEric Sandeen
2014-07-15xfs: add xfs_mount sysfs kobjectBrian Foster
2014-07-15xfs: fix a couple error sequence jumps in xfs_mountfs()Brian Foster
2014-06-25xfs: global error sign conversionDave Chinner
2014-06-22xfs: Nuke XFS_ERROR macroEric Sandeen
2014-06-10Merge branch 'xfs-misc-fixes-3-for-3.16' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-06-10Merge branch 'xfs-da-geom' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-06-06xfs: xfs_readsb needs to check for magic numbersDave Chinner
2014-06-06xfs: introduce directory geometry structureDave Chinner
2014-05-20xfs: turn NLINK feature on by defaultDave Chinner
2014-05-05xfs: fully support v5 format filesystemsDave Chinner
2014-03-13Merge branch 'xfs-bug-fixes-for-3.15-2' into for-nextDave Chinner
2014-03-07xfs: don't leak EFSBADCRC to userspaceDave Chinner
2014-02-19xfs: skip verification on initial "guess" superblock readEric Sandeen
2013-11-18xfs: increase inode cluster size for v5 filesystemsDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: decouple inode and bmap btree header filesDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: decouple log and transaction headersDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: unify directory/attribute format definitionsDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: create a shared header file for format-related informationDave Chinner
2013-08-22xfs: Register hotcpu notifier after initializationRichard Weinberger
2013-08-20xfs: fix the comment of xfs_mountfs()Zhi Yong Wu
2013-08-20xfs: fix the comment of xfs_mod_incore_sb_unlocked()Zhi Yong Wu
2013-08-20xfs: fix the comment of xfs_check_sizes()Zhi Yong Wu
2013-08-12xfs: refactor xfs_trans_reserve() interfaceJie Liu
2013-08-12xfs: consolidate xfs_utils.cDave Chinner
2013-08-12xfs: introduce xfs_sb.c for sharing with libxfsDave Chinner
2013-08-12xfs: reshuffle dir2 definitions around for userspaceDave Chinner
2013-08-12xfs: separate dquot on disk format definitions out of xfs_quota.hDave Chinner
2013-07-22xfs: Start using pquotaino from the superblock.Chandra Seetharaman
2013-07-22xfs: Initialize all quota inodes to be NULLFSINOChandra Seetharaman
2013-06-28xfs: Remove incore use of XFS_OQUOTA_ENFD and XFS_OQUOTA_CHKDChandra Seetharaman
2013-06-19xfs: Remove XFS_MOUNT_RETERRJie Liu
2013-06-17xfs: Don't keep silent if sunit/swidth can not be changed via mountJie Liu
2013-05-30xfs: don't emit v5 superblock warnings on writeDave Chinner
2013-04-27xfs: implement extended feature masksDave Chinner
2013-04-27xfs: add CRC checks to the superblockDave Chinner
2013-02-01xfs: make use of XFS_SB_LOG_RES() at xfs_mount_log_sb()Jeff Liu
2013-02-01xfs: make use of XFS_SB_LOG_RES() at xfs_log_sbcount()Jeff Liu
2013-02-01xfs: calculate XFS_TRANS_QM_SBCHANGE space log reservation at mount timeJeff Liu
2013-01-16xfs: Do not return EFSCORRUPTED when filesystem probe finds no XFS magicEric Sandeen
2012-11-15xfs: convert buffer verifiers to an ops structure.Dave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: connect up write verifiers to new buffersDave Chinner