path: root/fs/xfs/xfs_itable.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat chunk formatting cursor is brokenDave Chinner
2014-08-04xfs: introduce xfs_bulkstat_ag_ichunkJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: remove xfs_bulkstat_singleChristoph Hellwig
2010-06-24xfs: remove block number from inode lookup codeDave Chinner
2010-06-23xfs: always use iget in bulkstatChristoph Hellwig
2009-08-31xfs: add more statics & drop some unused functionsEric Sandeen
2008-12-02[XFS] Fix xfs_bulkstat_one size checks & error handlingsandeen@sandeen.net
2008-12-02[XFS] Make the bulkstat_one compat ioctl handling more sanesandeen@sandeen.net
2007-07-14[XFS] Fix XFS_IOC_FSBULKSTAT{,_SINGLE} & XFS_IOC_FSINUMBERS in compat modeMichal Marek
2006-09-28[XFS] pv 956241, author: nathans, rv: vapo - make ino validation checksVlad Apostolov
2006-09-28[XFS] Rework DMAPI bulkstat calls in such a way that we can directlyNathan Scott
2006-06-09[XFS] Remove dead code from come bulkstat paths.Nathan Scott
2006-03-29[XFS] We really suck at spulling. Thanks to Chris Pascoe for fixing allNathan Scott
2005-11-02[XFS] Update license/copyright notices to match the prefered SGINathan Scott
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds