path: root/fs/xfs/xfs_itable.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-07xfs: track bulkstat progress by aginoDave Chinner
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat error handling is brokenDave Chinner
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat main loop logic is a messDave Chinner
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat chunk-formatter has issuesDave Chinner
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat chunk formatting cursor is brokenDave Chinner
2014-11-07xfs: bulkstat btree walk doesn't terminateDave Chinner
2014-10-30xfs: Check error during inode btree iteration in xfs_bulkstat()Jan Kara
2014-10-29xfs: bulkstat doesn't release AGI buffer on errorDave Chinner
2014-10-13xfs: fix agno increment in xfs_inumbers() loopEric Sandeen
2014-08-04xfs: introduce xfs_bulkstat_ag_ichunkJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: introduce xfs_bulkstat_grab_ichunkJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: introduce xfs_bulkstat_ichunk_raJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: fix error handling at xfs_bulkstatJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: remove redundant user buffer count checks at xfs_bulkstatJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: fix error handling at xfs_inumbersJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: consolidate xfs_inumbersJie Liu
2014-07-24xfs: remove xfs_bulkstat_singleChristoph Hellwig
2014-07-24xfs: remove redundant stat assignment in xfs_bulkstat_one_intJie Liu
2014-06-25xfs: global error sign conversionDave Chinner
2014-06-22xfs: Nuke XFS_ERROR macroEric Sandeen
2014-04-24xfs: refactor xfs_ialloc_btree.c to support multiple inobt numbersBrian Foster
2013-12-13xfs: use xfs_icluster_size_fsb in xfs_bulkstatJie Liu
2013-12-13xfs: get rid of XFS_INODE_CLUSTER_SIZE macrosJie Liu
2013-10-23xfs: decouple inode and bmap btree header filesDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: decouple log and transaction headersDave Chinner
2013-10-23xfs: create a shared header file for format-related informationDave Chinner
2013-09-10xfs: factor all the kmalloc-or-vmalloc fallback allocationsDave Chinner
2013-09-09xfs: fix some minor sparse warningsDave Chinner
2013-07-09xfs: clean up unused codes at xfs_bulkstat()Jie Liu
2013-06-28xfs: Define a new function xfs_is_quota_inode()Chandra Seetharaman
2013-06-27xfs: add pluging for bulkstat readaheadDave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: convert buffer verifiers to an ops structure.Dave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: add pre-write metadata buffer verifier callbacksDave Chinner
2012-11-15xfs: verify btree blocks as they are read from diskDave Chinner
2012-10-17xfs: remove xfs_iget.cDave Chinner
2012-07-22xfs: merge xfs_itobp into xfs_imap_to_bpChristoph Hellwig
2012-05-14xfs: clean up xfs_bit.h includesDave Chinner
2012-03-26xfs: don't cache inodes read through bulkstatDave Chinner
2012-03-13xfs: log timestamp updatesChristoph Hellwig
2011-04-08xfs: fix variable set but not used warningsChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-18xfs: Extend project quotas to support 32bit project idsArkadiusz Mi?kiewicz
2010-07-26xfs: remove xfs_iputChristoph Hellwig
2010-07-26xfs: remove unneeded #include statementsChristoph Hellwig
2010-07-26xfs: drop dmapi hooksChristoph Hellwig
2010-06-24xfs: remove block number from inode lookup codeDave Chinner
2010-06-24xfs: rename XFS_IGET_BULKSTAT to XFS_IGET_UNTRUSTEDDave Chinner
2010-06-23xfs: always use iget in bulkstatChristoph Hellwig
2010-03-05xfs: return inode fork offset in bulkstat for fsrDave Chinner
2010-01-21xfs: replace KM_LARGE with explicit vmalloc useChristoph Hellwig
2010-01-15xfs: Replace per-ag array with a radix treeDave Chinner