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2006-06-22[PATCH] JFS: Fix multiple errors in metapage_releasepageDave Kleikamp
2006-03-14[PATCH] JFS: Take logsync lock before testing mp->lsnDave Kleikamp
2006-01-11[PATCH] capable/capability.h (fs/)Randy Dunlap
2006-01-10[PATCH] remove jfs xattr permission checksChristoph Hellwig
2006-01-10[PATCH] move xattr permission checks into the VFSakpm@osdl.org
2006-01-09[PATCH] mutex subsystem, semaphore to mutex: VFS, ->i_semJes Sorensen
2006-01-08[PATCH] Fix and add EXPORT_SYMBOL(filemap_write_and_wait)OGAWA Hirofumi
2005-10-31JFS: set i_ctime & i_mtime on target directory when creating linksDave Kleikamp
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: split page table lockHugh Dickins
2005-10-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sha...Linus Torvalds
2005-10-28JFS: make sure right-most xtree pages have header.next set to zeroDave Kleikamp
2005-10-28[PATCH] gfp_t: fs/*Al Viro
2005-10-11JFS: Corrupted block map should not cause trapDave Kleikamp
2005-10-03JFS: make special inodes play nicely with page balancingDave Kleikamp
2005-09-20JFS: don't dereference tlck->ip from txUpdateMapDave Kleikamp
2005-09-15JFS: Fix sparse warnings, including endian errorDave Kleikamp
2005-09-11Merge branch 'for-linus' from kernel.org:/.../shaggy/jfs-2.6 manuallyLinus Torvalds
2005-09-09[PATCH] update filesystems for new delete_inode behaviorMark Fasheh
2005-09-07[PATCH] disk quotas fail when /etc/mtab is symlinked to /proc/mountsMark Bellon
2005-09-01JFS: Implement jfs_init_securityDave Kleikamp
2005-09-01JFS: allow extended attributes to be set within a existing transactionDave Kleikamp
2005-08-30JFS: jfs_delete_inode should always call clear_inode.Dave Kleikamp
2005-08-30Merge refs/heads/for-linus from master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/s...Linus Torvalds
2005-08-19[PATCH] Fix up symlink function pointersAl Viro
2005-08-19Merge with /home/shaggy/git/linus-clean/Dave Kleikamp
2005-08-17JFS: Initialize dentry->d_op for negative dentries tooDave Kleikamp
2005-08-10JFS: Fix race in txLockDave Kleikamp
2005-08-01JFS: Check for invalid inodes in jfs_delete_inodeDave Kleikamp
2005-07-27JFS: Improve sync barrier processingDave Kleikamp
2005-07-26JFS: Fix i_blocks accounting when allocation failsDave Kleikamp
2005-07-25JFS: Don't set log_SYNCBARRIER when log->active == 0Dave Kleikamp
2005-07-22JFS: Fix typo in last patchDave Kleikamp
2005-07-15JFS: fsync wrong behavior when I/O failure occursQu Fuping
2005-07-15JFS: Remove assert statement in dbJoin & return -EIO insteadDave Kleikamp
2005-07-14JFS: Remove bogus WARN_ON statement and some dead codeDave Kleikamp
2005-07-13JFS: Need to be root to create files with security contextIan Dall
2005-07-13JFS: Allow security.* xattrs to be set on symlinksDave Kleikamp
2005-07-13Merge with /home/shaggy/git/linus-clean/Dave Kleikamp
2005-06-27JFS: Code cleanup - getting rid of never-used debug codeDave Kleikamp
2005-06-25[PATCH] Cleanup patch for process freezingChristoph Lameter
2005-06-23JFS: performance patchSonny Rao
2005-06-23[PATCH] remove <linux/xattr_acl.h>Christoph Hellwig
2005-06-03JFS: Fix compiler warning in jfs_logmgr.cDave Kleikamp
2005-06-02JFS: kernel BUG at fs/jfs/jfs_txnmgr.c:859Dave Kleikamp
2005-05-09JFS: Remove redundant kfree() NULL pointer checksJesper Juhl
2005-05-04JFS: Fix sparse warningDave Kleikamp
2005-05-04JFS: cleanup - remove unneeded sanity checkDave Kleikamp
2005-05-04JFS: fix sparse warnings by moving extern declarations to headersDave Kleikamp
2005-05-04JFS: Endian errorsDave Kleikamp
2005-05-02[PATCH] JFS: Don't allocate extents that overlap existing extentsDave Kleikamp