path: root/fs/fuse/control.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-03fs: Limit sys_mount to only request filesystem modules.Eric W. Biederman
2013-02-22new helper: file_inode(file)Al Viro
2012-09-03fuse: mark variables uninitializedDaniel Mack
2012-04-25fuse: Convert to kstrtoul_from_userPeter Huewe
2011-11-02filesystems: add set_nlink()Miklos Szeredi
2010-10-29convert get_sb_single() usersAl Viro
2010-10-25fs: do not assign default i_ino in new_inodeChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-15llseek: automatically add .llseek fopArnd Bergmann
2009-09-16fuse: add fusectl interface to max_backgroundCsaba Henk
2009-09-16fuse: use drop_nlink() instead of direct nlink manipulationCsaba Henk
2008-11-26fuse: style fixesMiklos Szeredi
2008-04-30mm: bdi: expose the BDI object in sysfs for FUSEMiklos Szeredi
2007-02-12[PATCH] mark struct inode_operations const 1Arjan van de Ven
2007-01-30[PATCH] fuse: fix bug in control filesystem mountMiklos Szeredi
2006-12-08[PATCH] struct path: convert fuseJosef Sipek
2006-10-01[PATCH] r/o bind mount prepwork: inc_nlink() helperDave Hansen
2006-09-27[PATCH] inode_diet: Replace inode.u.generic_ip with inode.i_privateTheodore Ts'o
2006-07-31[PATCH] fuse: fix typoMiklos Szeredi
2006-06-25[PATCH] fuse: add control filesystemMiklos Szeredi