path: root/fs/ext4/ext4.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-29ext4: fix warning in ext4_da_update_reserve_space()Jan Kara
2014-11-14ext4: check s_chksum_driver when looking for bg csum presenceDarrick J. Wong
2014-11-14ext4: add ext4_iget_normal() which is to be used for dir tree lookupsTheodore Ts'o
2014-03-06ext4: don't leave i_crtime.tv_sec uninitializedTheodore Ts'o
2014-01-09ext4: add explicit casts when masking cluster sizesTheodore Ts'o
2013-05-11ext4: revert "ext4: use io_end for multiple bios"Theodore Ts'o
2013-04-19ext4: fix readdir error in the case of inline_data+dir_indexTao Ma
2013-04-11ext4: use io_end for multiple biosJan Kara
2013-04-11ext4: make ext4_bio_write_page() use BH_Async_Write flagsJan Kara
2013-04-10ext4: move ext4_ind_migrate() into migrate.cLukas Czerner
2013-04-09ext4: introduce reserved spaceLukas Czerner
2013-04-08ext4: implementation of a new ioctl called EXT4_IOC_SWAP_BOOTDr. Tilmann Bubeck
2013-04-03ext4: introduce ext4_get_group_number()Lukas Czerner
2013-04-03ext4: make ext4_block_in_group() much more efficientLukas Czerner
2013-04-03ext4: support simple conversion of extent-mapped inodes to use i_blocksTheodore Ts'o
2013-04-03ext4: refactor truncate codeTheodore Ts'o
2013-04-03ext4: refactor punch hole codeTheodore Ts'o
2013-04-03ext4: collapse handling of data=ordered and data=writeback codepathsTheodore Ts'o
2013-03-20ext4: fix ext4_evict_inode() racing against workqueue processing codeTheodore Ts'o
2013-03-11ext4: use atomic64_t for the per-flexbg free_clusters countTheodore Ts'o
2013-03-02ext4: use percpu counter for extent cache countTheodore Ts'o
2013-02-28ext4: optimize ext4_es_shrink()Theodore Ts'o
2013-02-18ext4: reclaim extents from extent status treeZheng Liu
2013-02-18ext4: remove single extent cacheZheng Liu
2013-02-18ext4: lookup block mapping in extent status treeZheng Liu
2013-02-18ext4: track all extent status in extent status treeZheng Liu
2013-02-09ext4: start handle at the last possible moment when creating inodesTheodore Ts'o
2013-02-09ext4: fix the number of credits needed for acl ops with inline dataTheodore Ts'o
2013-02-08ext4: move the jbd2 wrapper functions out of super.cTheodore Ts'o
2013-01-28ext4: move work from io_end to inodeJan Kara
2013-01-28ext4: Always use ext4_bio_write_page() for writeoutJan Kara
2013-01-28ext4: add punching hole support for non-extent-mapped filesZheng Liu
2013-01-13ext4: trigger the lazy inode table initialization after resizeTheodore Ts'o
2012-12-16Merge tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/t...Linus Torvalds
2012-12-10ext4: ensure Inode flags consistency are checked at build timeCarlos Maiolino
2012-12-10ext4: Remove CONFIG_EXT4_FS_XATTRTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: enable ext4 inline supportTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: make ext4_delete_entry genericTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: create a new function search_dirTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: let ext4_readdir handle inline dataTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: let add_dir_entry handle inline data properlyTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: create __ext4_insert_dentry for dir entry insertionTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: refactor __ext4_check_dir_entry() to accept start and sizeTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: make ext4_init_dot_dotdot for inline dir usageTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: add delalloc support for inline dataTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: add normal write support for inline dataTao Ma
2012-12-10ext4: add the basic function for inline data supportTao Ma
2012-11-28ext4: rationalize ext4_extents.h inclusionTheodore Ts'o
2012-11-19Fix misspellings of "whether" in comments.Adam Buchbinder
2012-11-08ext4: reimplement ext4_find_delay_alloc_range on extent status treeZheng Liu